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Employee shares photo revealing extreme food waste at Domino's, sparking debate

Portion sizes and customer preferences continue to drive significant food loss.

Employee shares photo revealing extreme food waste at Domino's, sparking debate
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Max Avans

Restaurants frequently face food waste challenges, including overordering, spoilage, and leftover food on plates. Despite efforts to minimize waste, many factors, like portion sizes and customer preferences, contribute to the issue. Considering the global struggle for basic sustenance, the reality of food waste can be disheartening. Reddit user u/Beneficial-Ad-3192, a Domino's employee, shared a post from her workplace that highlighted how much food can get wasted at a fast-food restaurant. In her post's caption, the woman elaborated on the causes of the wastage.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Antonius Ferret
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Antonius Ferret

She wrote, "Not very often do we waste dough. But today, we had so much that the stack of trays was taller than me. Makes me feel so guilty, lol." Anyone familiar with pizza making knows dough is a crucial ingredient. Naturally, a busy fast-food chain like Domino's requires substantial dough to operate efficiently. The first picture, however, showcased approximately 23 trays filled with dough all stacked up to be thrown out, presumably because they ended up making more than was needed. In the second picture, we can see the woman standing next to the extremely tall stack of trays and looking into the camera to demonstrate just how tall it was.

The shocking amount of wasted dough sparked a flurry of comments from surprised Reddit users. u/BaxCitybih commented, "Worst I've ever seen was maybe a stack of 8. My GM was stressing hard, too. This stack might've killed them lol." u/DPZOPSInsider suggested, "If my store has that much extra dough, and we don't expect to use it before it expires, we'll usually make like 5-6 pies and send em off to local Police Departments, EMT Centers and Fire Departments. They usually love the donation and it makes the location look and feel more local."

Image Source: Reddit | u/mccbhayes2020
Image Source: Reddit | u/Athena0127

Another individual, u/slothxaxmatic, shared, "Rarely. I haven't seen waste like that in person, and I've been here since 2009. I had a pair of managers at my store I called 'The Wonder Twins' because the second they showed up, our dough management was screwed." u/Lickity_Spliff_ said, "Whenever we order bit too much dough/food on accident or if the truck just ends up giving us extra, we'll call a few stores close by and see if they're short on anything we have extra and just try to sell it off." u/NorthLandCanna expressed, "That's extra money that could be put towards employee pay. This is disgusting."

Food wastage is a common issue in establishments serving large numbers daily. u/spider_manectric, a night custodian, put up a post where they revealed the shocking truth about school food. In the post, we get to see a trashcan brimming with milk cartons. They wrote, "About half of this 50-gallon trash can is full of perfectly good cartons of milk expiration date is in 2 weeks. Schools waste a lot of food. These were ice cold to the touch." The custodian expressed sadness over the extensive food waste.

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