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Employee shares how she got promoted after sending a 'scary' email to her boss: 'I'm sweating'

This employee wrote an email to her boss asking them to reassess her role and despite how nerve-racking it was, it turned out in her favor.

Employee shares how she got promoted after sending a 'scary' email to her boss: 'I'm sweating'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @_kristinlorraine

Sometimes, we have to take the initiative to get what we deserve. Kristin (@_kristinlorraine) did this when she sent what she called the "scariest email of my life" to her boss. In the email, she discussed how she was doing some work that was not part of her job description and people three levels above her role also did not do it. Pointing this out as a reason, she asked them to reassess her role.

She discussed in the mail how she has been working on a weekly insurance-related report and has been calling families for the same. "It's come to my attention that this report and the subsequent phone calls fall outside of my scope as a scheduler as it's something that not even the lead schedulers do," Kristin wrote.

Image source: TikTok | @_kristinlorraine
Image source: TikTok | @_kristinlorraine

She also discussed how she is an entry-level employee and was paid accordingly. She asked them to look into which employee would be responsible for those duties so that she could prioritize the duties expected from her position at work. "Oh god. I'm so scared. I'm sweating," Kristin said. In a follow-up video, she discussed how her manager agreed to her and gave this task back to the finance team, who should have done it instead of delegating it. Her manager figured out this was a level three job and not a level one job. Her manager even said that as she had put in so much work, she would be promoted to level 2.

Image Source: TikTok | @_kristinlorraine
Image Source: TikTok | @_kristinlorraine

The video has been deleted from the TikTok user's profile. Nevertheless, people have a lot to share with Kristin. @Lala commented, "As a manager, I want to commend you on your bravery and standing up for yourself. You deserve a level three promotion." @juniebjones shared, "Good job! just make sure you let her know if your only level 2 you can't do level 3 unless you paid for level 3."

@Meredith wrote, "That's a decent boss. She recognizes that you're capable of the added responsibility and is rewarding you." @Nonya suggested, "Just be sure to get a timeline on that promotion. don't let them stack more work to replace it and keep pushing out the promo." @Emberfaye wrote, "Congratulations! I'm proud of you. I will be sending an email similar to this when I come back from maternity leave in November. I'm scared too." @Lauren shared, "Literally love her response to this, too. No defensiveness, no shade. Advocating for you now, too!!"

People appreciated her self-advocacy and even got inspired by her. It is a perfect way to ask for what we deserve when we have been doing extra work beyond our pay grade and position at our workplace. It is neither too confrontational nor too indirect, but it draws a boundary and asks for what one truly deserves. Hoping that more and more people get inspired by this video and learn to draw a boundary at their workplace.

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