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Employee sends hilarious 'Shrek'-themed letter when company demands a formal letter of resignation

'After 4 years and $4 worth of raises from my current employer, I'm going back to college to pursue an advanced degree...' they explained.

Employee sends hilarious 'Shrek'-themed letter when company demands a formal letter of resignation
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/ShrimpMaster2000

Working in a toxic and exploitative environment often leaves people unhappy and angry. So, while exiting such organizations, some folks feel the urge go out with a bang instead of putting themselves through the traditional exit processes. One such employee was so unsatisfied with their workplace that when asked to submit a formal resignation letter, they went all out and sent them a hilarious "Shrek"-themed letter.

The unorthodox letter was shared on Reddit by u/ShrimpMaster2000. Featuring images of the fictional ogre and his trusty Donkey, the letter—dated June 16, 2023—reads: "Management, this letter is my notice of resignation from [company name], effective two weeks from today, June 16th, 2023. XOXO, [employee's name]." 

Image Source: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio

The individual also gave some context into why they chose to put in their two-weeks notice in such a flamboyant fashion. "After 4 years and $4 worth of raises from my current employer, I'm going back to college to pursue an advanced degree in what I'm passionate about. This company is awful and therefore has a ridiculously high turnover rate. HR and management were not happy to hear I was leaving. They bluntly demanded a letter of resignation so I sent them this as a 2 weeks notice. I would burn bridges, but letters of reference are critical in my area," they explained.

The post has gained about 74.6k upvotes on the social media platform. It is captioned, "They demanded a formal letter of resignation, so I sent them this." People found the informal "Shrek" resignation letter extremely funny. u/Ecobay25 commented, "My time with the company is an ogre." u/mybadalternate wrote, "If they need a hard copy, be sure to include some glitter!"

u/Bob49459 shared, "When I left Walmart they needed one, and I just wrote, 'This is my resignation notice.' On a piece of printer paper." u/MalachiIssaih said, "I love everything about this so much, also good on you for getting out of that place OP. Best of luck going back to college!" u/Savings-Horror-8395 said, "That font is disgusting, I love it."

Image Source: Reddit/u/ShrimpMaster2000
Image Source: Reddit/u/ShrimpMaster2000
Image Source: Reddit/ u/I_am_teh_meta
Image Source: Reddit/ u/I_am_teh_meta

In a similar story, a woman made a grand exit from her workplace when she was asked to leave on the spot upon submitting her two-week notice. She handled the situation well and stood up for herself despite the aggressive manner in which her boss handled her resignation. 

As she was walking out, her boss—who had initially rejected her two-week notice until she got in touch with his boss—approached her with an entitled request. The woman's father, who recounted the incident on Reddit, shared that the boss asked her if she had time to answer a few questions about her workload before she left the premises. She replied, "Too late, you rejected my two-week notice, see what you get?" Then she kept walking and "is hoping to start her new job next Monday," her father shared.

The dad also revealed that his daughter would be paid for the two weeks and yet she was told to leave that very day. Reddit users shared some important information in the comments section of the post. u/LP14255 wrote, "In many US states, once you give notice, they are legally obligated to pay for that full-time period, whether they keep you or not."

u/rubydosa commented, "Applause to her! Ugh! I hate that we feel guilty about quitting a job on the spot because we don't want to leave them hanging, and then they turn around and do this to us. I did the same last year at my ESL school." u/tcollins137 wrote, "I had a manager threaten to tear up my resignation letter, and I just told them I can keep printing them all day."

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