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Employee scores a well-deserved job offering 7 grand a year with their ingenious tactics

An employee, after taking a well-deserved break from the corporate hustle, makes a huge splash in the hiring market.

Employee scores a well-deserved job offering 7 grand a year with their ingenious tactics
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Rene Asmussen; Reddit | u/mastagomita

One of the most frustrating things about the job market is how one-sided it can be. The advantage is always with the employers who put up the terms as per their advantage. Therefore, u/mastagomita was pleasantly shocked when things actually turned out to be in their favor. The news was more heartening as it came after a toxic experience that was so heavy on their mind and soul that they had to take a long time off to recuperate from it. The whole incident also shows that if people want, they can take the power in their hands and get what they truly deserve and that too with a little confidence.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The worker began the post by sharing that they have been unemployed for quite some time. They shared the reason behind it, "My last job treated me like s**t, so I started doing the bare minimum and got fired." Though it was quite a shock for them, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They got on unemployment and were able to give themselves the break they desperately needed. They added, "I needed a break from the corporate world for a while anyways, but most importantly, I wanted to wait til I found a job that looked promising growth-wise and pay-wise."

After a few months of getting decompressed and enjoying art, they began applying for jobs. It was casual, they were not desperately looking for anything. Soon, offers started flooding in, but they were sure to take their time while going through them. They wanted to ensure that they get paid right this time and that it was actually worth their efforts. The worker rejected many offers due to the pay scale and growth they were offering. Eventually, they ended up with two offers and decided to negotiate. 

The worker explained, "They both knew of each other and they both knew that I was going to take the highest salary over all else - so they started a bidding war." By keeping an open line of communication, the employee ensured that they got out of this with the best offer. They explained the whole process, "The first one started at 45 a year, but I set my expectation to be around 55 a year for them both. The second one went 48 a year. Then the first said 50 a year. Then the second said 52 and the first one backed down after that."

Image Source: Reddit/u/JosephiCrackowski
Image Source: Reddit/u/JosephiCrackowski

The worker took this route because they were confident of their abilities. They knew that if they applied themselves, their output would definitely justify their increased paycheck. In this way, they ended up with 7 grand a year, which is considerably larger than what they were getting in the past. They ended the post with, "I'm feeling rejuvenated after a break and I'm feeling valued knowing that they are paying me competitively." They were also happy that they held out for as long as they did for a better opportunity.

In the comments section, they shared how their boyfriend's parents were cribbing about them having a huge gap in their resume. But with this job, they had the last laugh. People on the platform were extremely elated for the employee. u/sold_myfortune congratulated them on their success and wrote, "Sounds like this worked out, nice going."

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