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Employee reprimanded for being late by minutes despite working overtime makes company pay threefold

The employee always did their best for the company but the manager didn't like the idea of them being late by a few minutes, overlooking their hard work.

Employee reprimanded for being late by minutes despite working overtime makes company pay threefold
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | ThisisEngineering; (R) Reddit | u/jones_ro

Every employee is entitled to respect, especially when they put in more effort and give it their all. However, certain employers play cold tricks, assuming that workers will take the hit, just for the sake of their employment. With the working class standing up for respect even at the expense of their jobs, u/jones_ro joined the party. Sharing their experience on Reddit, the employee explained how they shrewdly made the company pay for their depreciation and ignorance towards their hard work. Posting the story, they mentioned that the event took place in the 1980s, before technology and computer advancements.

Representative Image Souce: Polina Zimmerman
Representative Image Souce: Pexels | Polina Zimmerman

They were working for a small company with 10 employees and were committed to their job. "I gave it my all, not leaving till all the day's work was done, sometimes staying hours after work to do so. I had been there more than 5 years at the time and was a key employee by then, the one people went to for help with complicated tasks." The employee then shared that, like others, they too would also stuck in traffic and get late by a few minutes to work.

However, there was no clocking in or similar concept at that time in their office and given the extra amount of time they would naturally put it, it was more or less fair. Adding to their story, the employee said, "One of the owner's favorites was promoted to vice president and put in charge of HR. Before this, we were equals in the company. One of the first things she did was give me a written reprimand for 'insubordination' for being late one too many times."

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro studio

The employee got a hint of the scenario and "took the hit." They then decided to play by the rules as the superior wanted. "From that date forward, I entered the office one minute early, got to my desk and was seen to be 'busy.' Waited for 30 mins to pour myself some coffee. I stopped work and left the building every day at exactly the end of business hours, leaving unfinished work on my desk."

The employee then mentioned that the vice-president sent them commendation for "correcting my attitude," to which they responded by quitting their job shortly after. Due to losing a hard-working and efficient employee, the company had to hire three other employees to make up for all the work they were doing from then on. "Left there within a few weeks, and they had to hire three people to do my job," the employee boldly said.

Everyone adjusts at their workplace in the best way possible. The superior simply had to understand the same with the employee. However, she chose to be unwantedly stern and bossy and got served. Several users related to the employee's mistreatment. u/Astramancer said, "It's so weird to me just how many managers have to learn that if they watch the clock, so do the employees." 

Many even shared their experiences of having to deal with unfair tricks pulled by management. u/AngryCod said, "No one ever sees you stay late, but everyone sees you arrive late." u/TallChick66 said, "I was once written up for being two minutes late even though I stayed late at least an hour every day at no extra pay."

Image Source: Reddit/u/spartelfant
Image Source: Reddit | u/spartelfant
Image Source: Reddit/u/a_shootin_star
Image Source: Reddit | u/a_shootin_star

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