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Employee refuses to work after company carelessly delays their paychecks

If 17 years of service gets you a delayed paycheck via mail rather than a direct deposit on time, you're bound to rightfully go bonkers and take a stand for yourself.

Employee refuses to work after company carelessly delays their paychecks
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Mizuno K

There are endless instances of employees who face issues due to unjust policies at the workplace. However, of late, employees have started taking a stand and ditching the toxicity of workplaces and seniors. u/tacocat_racecarlevel shared their experience with a toxic workplace and how they dealt with it when their payments were not only delayed but sent most carelessly. Posting on Reddit, the employee said, “I've worked here for 17 years and have had plenty of jobs before it, and never... never... have I had an issue with getting a paycheck so egregious as this." They added, "Our company sends an email at 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon to tell us that our paychecks will not be directly deposited tomorrow.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Mizuno K
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mizuno K

The employee then shared the ridiculous alternative the company came up with to have their paycheck sent. “They are mailing us a physical paycheck, ‘expect it in 1-5 days’ through USPS,” said u/tacocat_racecarlevel. It was also mentioned in the post that there was no tracking available for the paycheck. “I'm expected to just have money in my account to pay bills, buy food, etc., until it arrives,” they remarked. Like any employee, they too were upset over the unacceptable and callous treatment employees were receiving. However, they did not let it go. u/tacocat_racecarlevel decided to play back. “I. Am. Not. Working. Tomorrow. I. Am. Not. Working. Until. I. Get. My. Money,” they determinedly said. They then expressed how pathetic it was for the management to pull off such an act.

The post further read, “I can already hear my Boomer parents (and management) saying ‘You've got to think about your responsibility and pull together for the team.’ No. No, I don't. Pay me.” The employee was firm on their decision about not working till they were paid and rightly so. The employee concluded their post exclaiming, “They mailed the checks on Wednesday and then waited until this afternoon to tell us. Okay, now for real I'm done.” Several Reddit users cheered the employee on for taking a stand against a substandard workplace that doesn't give their employees the bare minimum.

With over 1.4k upvotes, the post was thriving, vibing with every other employee out there. u/hotpakcage said, “Yeah, unless y'all work from home there really is no reason for them not to just physically hand you a check. This reeks of not having the cash at hand.” u/Philbo said, “Massive Red Flag. What it indicates is the company is at least temporarily insolvent. Might be temporary, could be the canary in the coal mine.” Others hilariously pitched in other tactics they’d turn to, to bring to light the employer’s mishandling and unprofessionalism. u/Apex-Reason said, “I would clock in to work and just not do anything until paid.” u/yellowvincent said, “Lisa if you don't like your job, you don't strike! You just go in every day and do it really half-a**ed. That's the American way.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/Puzzled_Ad2088
Image Source: Reddit/u/Puzzled_Ad2088


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