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Employee refuses to participate in tradition of 'giving back' to millionaire boss during Christmas

An employee refuses to bow down to official policies and 'appreciate' their boss, whom they have been earning millions for with their work.

Employee refuses to participate in tradition of 'giving back' to millionaire boss during Christmas
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau; Reddit | u/apple_6

Toxic workplaces are perilous for an individual's soul. One of the biggest telltale signs that a workplace is emotionally unhealthy is when it is one-sided. A workplace where only a particular party's interests are being considered and only they are prioritized is not a functional setup for employee growth. Reddit user u/apple_6 suddenly realized how one-sided the stakes were at their company when they got handed an email just before the holiday season kicked in. In the email, they were asked to contribute towards showcasing gratitude to their boss. The reality is that an establishment works because of the employees; instead of appreciating them, a fundraiser was going on and demanding money from them. The whole action angered the employee and they shared the mail on Reddit.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The employee titled the post, "My for-profit ambulance company is asking for monetary donations to the owner for his Christmas present." Thereafter, they uploaded a screenshot of the email that they had been forwarded. They hid the name of the company and the bosses in the email. It read, "Hello everyone, every year we like to take up a collection for the boss and his family for Christmas. He does so much for his employees and this is our way of giving back." This message shocked the employee. They work for a for-profit organization. All through the year, they are giving back to their bosses with their work. The revenues are their reward. This holiday should be an opportunity to appreciate the employees, not the other way around.

In the comment section, the employee also mentioned how the boss is a millionaire. They have gotten a lot in 'return' and there is no sense in taking money from employees to make their Christmas better with gifts. Their Christmas is already better with the revenues. The employee made it clear that, as a rule, "I don't donate to millionaires." Many also thought that it could be spam or a test phishing attempt because the whole gesture just did not follow any trail of logic. In reality, though, that is the case for a lot of organizations. Bosses will use every opportunity to keep themselves in a better position.

Image Source: Reddit/u/anonymoushelp33
Image Source: Reddit | u/anonymoushelp33
Image Source: Reddit/u/MesoceneLean
Image Source: Reddit | u/MesoceneLean

The comment section supported the employee's stand and shared their own experiences. u/knotsbygordium expressed their opinion and wrote, "Hell no. The employees' way of giving back is going in and doing a good job and maybe, maybe, if you are lucky and treat them well. Then they take pride in their work because of that and go the extra mile to do great things on the clock. Bosses do not get gifts from their workers. Workers get gifts from their bosses." u/Scytle pointed out the stupidity of this email and commented, "Let me get this straight, you go to work, let's say you bring 20$ an hour of money into the company, and because of the way capitalism works, you get paid 15$ (if you are lucky), so every 20$ of money you make, you give 5$ to the boss for the privilege of making them money... you do the work, you bring in the money, but the boss gets a hefty cut... for reasons. And then, at the end of a year of donating part of the money you make to the boss, they have the stones to ask for more? F**k this, form a union."

Image Source: Reddit/u/apple_6
Image Source: Reddit | u/apple_6

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