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Employee quits job at luxury club after denied PTO request, leaving manager in a bind

The person worked as the sole host of a luxury members-only club making them cover all shifts so they left their uniform in the locker forever.

Employee quits job at luxury club after denied PTO request, leaving manager in a bind
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Karolina Grabowska

It's nice to work in opulent settings while serving others. Rich businesses, however, may be penny-pinching, especially when it comes to treating their employees with the bare minimum. When they were on the receiving end of this situation, one worker made the right decision. Reddit user u/IntelligentRodent shared that they were employed at a luxury members-only club. The post captioned, "Job wants me to jump through hoops for pto, quit instead" received more than 11 thousand upvotes.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Ivan Samkov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Ivan Samkov

They were the employee who covered nearly all of the shifts and was frequently asked to cover other shifts as well. "I'm their only host I work every shift and it hasn’t gone over well. They ask me to cover every shift I don’t work and when I don’t they get an attitude," they explained.

As the employee was about to leave and gave their notice three weeks in advance, they attempted to have their 20 hours of PTO applied to their schedule. However, their efforts were rejected by management, who avoided the request for the first week before the schedule was due. "I gave my job a 3-week notice that I was quitting. My last day was the 7th and I’ve been trying to get my 20 hours of PTO applied to my schedule but for the 1st week they dodged the request and now this week since they dodged me until the schedule was put out it’s 'out of their hands' now that it’s out?" they shared. 

They further added, "I don't know yesterday they sent me around playing the blame game with every other manager and finally, I got to talk with HR who basically said we can't really do anything." They came up with the best and only option left. They decided to leave their uniform in their locker and texted the new manager that it was nice meeting them, but that because of the whole thing yesterday, it was their last day at work. As a result of management's refusal to pay them 20 hours of Paid Time Off, they were left with 60+ working hours with no one to cover, effectively forcing the managers to do it themselves.

"I left my uniform in my locker yesterday and sent a text to the brand new manager that just started that it was great to meet her but this whole thing has been ridiculous and that yesterday was my last day," they continued. "No response, but because they didn’t want to pay me my 20 hours of PTO they lost 60+ hours of me working and they have literally no other employee to fill which means the managers will have to work. I work at a VERY expensive members-only club where it costs over 10k just for admittance, gotta love it."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

They also disclosed in a comment, "One of my managers isn’t even old enough to drink and was promoted as a host from one of their other properties and every other host is a high school or college student who works 1 day a week," when u/Gee_NS observed "I develop software for those type of private clubs, I can attest to the fact that they are the cheapest buggers I've ever run across. Having high school students who started as summer job waiters/waitresses promoted to general managers, controllers, and head accountants." Many people who work for luxurious organizations shared similar experiences.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

"The rich are rich for this exact reason, scrimp and cut corners, consequences to their business and employees be damned," commented u/tonkatruckz369. "Dude I used to work for a bank I agree. Cheapest people and worst type are rich country club folk," added u/Either-Palpitation63. Some companies do not allow using up PTO once you serve your notice, hence, it is important to be aware of when your company could do you wrong.

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