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Employee quits job after exposing false promises of company over salary

A man uncovered false salary promises made by his company and chose to resign, revealing the deceit to his co-workers.

Employee quits job after exposing false promises of company over salary
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska, Reddit/ThatOneCloneTrooper

In business, unfortunate instances of companies scamming their employees are not new. From misleading promises to unfair compensation practices, such scams can devastate the trust of employees, financial well-being, and overall job satisfaction. u/ThatOneCloneTrooper shared his story about being lied to about his new job's salary. The post begins with the author providing some context: "I had just started a job six months ago at a company and agreed to a salary of £26k (I only take £22k of that home after tax). Being a graduate engineer, I let it be as salaries rise with a few years of experience in my field." In a turn of events, a company he had applied to sometime back reached out to him and ended up offering £32k in salary along with a company car. He describes the offer to be "a whole bag of goodies." During the six-month probation meeting at his original workplace, he reveals receiving another job offer with a deadline till the end of September.

Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska
Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska



The author wants to stay at the initial job and expresses willingness to reject the job offer if his current employer could provide a counteroffer of £30k as salary. He offers other reasons, saying, "As the newer workplace was a 45-50 minute drive whilst this place was 15 minutes, plus they took me in when I had little to no work experience, so I was showing some professional courtesy." The employer did not jump at the offer and bargained for £28k. However, the employee stood his ground and insisted on £30k. After some negotiation, the employer agreed to the higher salary, acknowledging the employee's value in the engineering department. The author receives his next paycheck only to find out that it still reflected his original £26k salary. Despite the employer having agreed to £30k during the meeting. He says, "I bring it up and they say, well, the meeting was halfway through the month and that NEXT month I'll get the agreed amount."

Image Source: Reddit/agent_smith_3012
Image Source: Reddit/agent_smith_3012


Image Source: Reddit/RouxBingo1028
Image Source: Reddit/RouxBingo1028


The next paycheck arrives and there is still no change in the salary. Frustrated at being lied to, the employee insists that he will not work until the issue is resolved. During the confrontation with his managers, they pointed to the fine print in his contract, stating that the £30k salary would only begin at the start of the following year. Feeling betrayed, he decides to quit on the spot. Before leaving, he candidly shared the entire ordeal with his office colleagues, down to the unpleasant details of the initial meeting.

He also informed them that the new company he'll be working for is actively hiring 6-8 engineers in similar roles, listing all their attractive perks. He ends the post by saying, "I start my new job at the start of next month. I hope my co-workers follow me. Always be looking for new jobs! Loyalty doesn't pay bills!"

People on the platform supported the author's spontaneous decision to quit. u/onereceivingsight commented, "Yeah, they kinda mugged you off with that contract stunt. You definitely should have read it front to back and queried everything you disagreed with. Take it as a lesson learned. Respect to you for quitting and not letting them get away with it." Another user, u/jonesmcbones, shared, "Loyalty is what you give to your family, friends and good people. Work gets exactly what they pay for."

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