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Employee quits company after 7 years over absurd 'suspicious' allegations by boss

The director of sales found their interaction with a friend suspicious and confronted the employee, threatening to search their work truck.

Employee quits company after 7 years over absurd 'suspicious' allegations by boss
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Nicola Barts; (R) Reddit | u/Bigboy_nicelegs

Since the pandemic, there has been a sharp turn in the way people are approaching their jobs. As per the research led by Professor Jarrod Haar, people's preferences have shifted from work to personal well-being. This has led to concepts like 'act your wage' and 'quiet quitting' garnering huge popularity. People have understood that a job is just a means to earn money and therefore it should not be placed before life in terms of priorities. Reddit user u/Bigboy_nicelegs believed in this and therefore when they felt harassed at their workplace, they promptly took a step to remove themselves from it.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

They started the post by stating that they were employed in their past company for 7 years. They more or less enjoyed their job and had no complaints. However, everything flipped on its head when three months ago, a new director of sales joined. He had his own agenda and like every other person in the executive position, wanted to apply it to the company. The worst result to come out of this was micro-management. Every employee began to be looked at minutely, with each and every move of theirs under a microscope. 


They still tried to manage and balance everything but one day, things took a turn for the worse. The employee was on their last break when their friend turned up to meet them. They were on a break and had no work responsibilities, they were not avoiding the company by any means. Therefore, they took the call to go and catch up with their friend. The friend gave them a bank envelope with cash, which was in no way associated with the company. The friend was in a car, so the employee reached from the passenger side to shake his hand. The employee thereafter "placed the money inside my coat pocket, spoke for a minute, said goodbye and walked towards my work truck to grab my phone charger." Apparently, all of this was very 'suspicious' for the director.

After the employee came back to the office, the director came and sat beside them. In a condescending tone, he stated, “Well that was awfully suspicious, what was that I just witnessed?” The employee patiently shared the entire incident with him. The director refused to take this honest explanation as an answer and instead threatened them with, "I am your boss. I can have the truck searched right now.”

They were not intimidated and asked him to go ahead. After the employee came home, they were greeted with an official email regarding their actions. They were warned that their activities were suspicious and that if they had anything non-work related to do, they should not have done it during office hours. This was the tipping point for the employee. They had to undergo such demeaning behavior at the office and continue dealing with toxicity at home. This was unacceptable and therefore they decided to quit. They believed that the director's "micro-managing was not worth my mental health."

Image Source: Reddit/u/SifrMoja
Image Source: Reddit | u/SifrMoja


Image Source: Reddit/u/xftwitch
Image Source: Reddit | u/xftwitch

The comment section supported u/Bigboy_nicelegs. u/MostlyAdsNow gave an idea to give it back to the director, "I would have had my friends deliver me packs of gum in bank envelopes every Friday for a month just to mess with him." u/MiasmAgain gave a suggestion to the employee, "Definitely let the owner of the company know that their intrusive and insulting new DOS is the reason you left."

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