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Employee quits after exposing his salary through a company-wide e-mail so coworkers can demand raise

There are several companies out there who do not pay their employees equally even when they are doing the same job and this person had enough of it.

Employee quits after exposing his salary through a company-wide e-mail so coworkers can demand raise
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio | (R) Twitter | @f*ckyouiquit

There are many employees who fall victim to poor management, corporate greed and are often afraid to ask for a raise or demand equal pay despite working at a company for years. But one man refused to put up with his company's mismanagement and unfair pay scale before making an applause-worthy exit. His story was shared on the r/antiwork subreddit two years ago and is still getting circulated by social media accounts.

Representational Image Source: TikTok | Charnchai
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Charnchai

Even though the original post has been deleted, the @f**kyouiquit Twitter account reposted a screenshot of it on August 2023 and it got over 3.4 million views and several comments. The post details how the chaos ensued when an employee asked for a raise for both himself and his team but the company refused. The heading of the post read: "A coworker left creating a $168,000 vacant, his going away email was incredible."


"I work on a smaller team. A coworker just left to go to another company after the company refused a pay a raise to him and his team. Before he left, the company let us know they wouldn't be able to fill his spot. Then today, his last day, he sent out a company-wide email. He listed his exact wage and that now the company had plenty to give us all wages. Seeing they weren't backfilling the spot, he even did the math and included it," the screenshot on Twitter read. 



"I fully expect him to be walked out today but it was a standup thing for him to do. I plan on asking for the raise tomorrow and will be asking my teammates to do the same," the post concluded. This move by the unnamed man showed how many corporate offices do not pay their employees the salary they deserve. There are times when employers even include clauses in the employment contracts, forbidding their workers from discussing their pay or being transparent about it to other employees.



People in the Twitter post's comment section praised the unnamed employee and the bold step he took by exposing his former employers before resigning. @bizzski_ wrote: "As we all know, it is about control. Or the perceived existence of some sort of control." @Rezrospect mentioned: "It is the duty of all employees to openly discuss wages and question any disparity, as well as to demand resolution."  @fluxfluxfluxy commented: "Well yeah of course, but again this is older generations business. Millennials are about to take over in another 20 years and to be honest, it's gonna be so much better to work." 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kindel Media

@RM81_ added: "A boss once told me I wasn't allowed to discuss my pay. I pointed them to the handbook where it says I couldn't discuss other people's pay, but I was legally allowed to discuss my own." This post perfectly captured what every employee should be doing if they feel they are not receiving the right salary. If employees refuse to speak up about their rights boldly, it makes it easier for employers to treat them unfairly and not pay them fairly for their hard work.

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