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Employee on vacation tactfully deals with wrong calls from another store's rude manager

An individual's much-needed vacation was rudely interrupted by a random boss, who kept calling them, insisting that they show up at work.

Employee on vacation tactfully deals with wrong calls from another store's rude manager
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto; (R) Reddit | u/Cetais

Most jobs can be very demanding and because of that, employees value their time off. Taking a break can do wonders for them and help them be more productive when they return to work. But sometimes, such vacations stand a chance of being rudely interrupted by calls from strangers who have the wrong number. u/Cetais had a frustrating story to share on Reddit about their vacation being ruined by a stranger who kept calling them.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

The employee mentions that the incident occurred during the summer of last year. They had just taken two weeks off from their job for vacation and were looking forward to their time off. Right on the first day of their leave, they received a call at 6 AM. They write, "I don't answer. Then another. At the 4th call in a row, I decided to answer." The employee finds out that the person on the call was an employer who had the wrong number and thought they were a new joiner.

The employee understood that he had the wrong number and said, "Da*n. Sorry, dude. You got the wrong number. No clue what you're talking about." The employee then proceeded to end the call and go back to sleep. The random stranger decided to call them two times over the next hour and even left a message about how "young people are lazy" and accused them of being a liar after the interview. When the phone rang for the third time, the employee decided to pick up the call.

Determined to put an end to their calls, they tactfully say, "Yes, I know I'm late, I'm on my way. I'll be there soon, promise!" The employee cut the call and blocked their number before returning to sleep. They conclude the post by being grateful for having a decent employer and how some people must really suffer with their toxic bosses. The user then cross-checked the stranger's number and found it to be the same as that of a store on Google Maps.

Image Source: Reddit/u/arizonaraynebows
Image Source: Reddit/u/arizonaraynebows


Not willing to let him get away with disturbing them while they were on vacation, the individual left a scathing review on Google about how the manager had called them repeatedly. People on the platform shared their insights and experiences in the comments section. u/nyrB2 said, "I'm guessing he didn't really believe he had the wrong number and that the person he was trying to reach was lying to him. Doesn't really excuse him, though."

u/Cakehangers shared, "A man tried to buy candles from me once. He was very insistent that I was a candle shop and started reeling out his credit card number. I don't remember if I persuaded him or hung up, but I didn't make any candle sales that day (like every other day)." Another user, u/Jay_Shadow, shared, "Someone once called the elevator I was in and got pissed at me for telling them it was an elevator. Wouldn't believe me, so I left them there when I got to my floor." u/Zorklunn suggested, "Looks like someone went for an interview, saw a stink load of red flags and gave out a wrong number to escape."

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