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Employee left stunned upon landing their dream job and being let go by toxic boss on the same day

In a remarkable turn of events, an individual experienced the joy of landing their dream job and the abruptness of being dismissed by their micromanaging boss within the span of hours.

Employee left stunned upon landing their dream job and being let go by toxic boss on the same day
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio, (R) Reddit/coolfunkDJ

Life is very unpredictable, especially from a career perspective. One day you think you're doing well at your job and the next, you find out that that's not the case. And with most companies being geared toward profit, they do not care about their employees, viewing them as replaceable entities. Reddit user u/coolfunkDJ happened to be very lucky when their problematic boss decided to have "the talk" with them exactly when life had something better in store for them.

Their post titled, "Got a job offer and was let go by my old job on the same day," has gained 2.5k upvotes and 142 comments on the platform within a day of being posted.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

The individual begins by stating that they had just gone through the most "absurd" thing. They write, "I got a way better job offer, fully remote, more pay, more in line with my career, etc. Even the Glass Door reviews are like 2X better." Upon receiving the offer, they decided to leave their current position as they did not like working there. Their manager was a prime reason for that, as he frequently micromanaged them and was very condescending.

They shared: "He constantly put me down and I hated working with him." The individual walked into his office and said that they needed to speak with him. They then told him that they were resigning and the boss immediately agreed to it. The individual explained why he was leaving and the boss responded, saying, "Well, the feeling is mutual. We were going to have a very tough conversation today."

So what would have been an awful day for the individual quickly turned around and became a memorable one. The boss claimed that he was not happy with the work they had done and that they came in late frequently. The individual admits to the latter as they had a terrible commute to work. Reflecting on the entire ordeal, they wrote, "This is so funny. I feel a mixture of sadness, but euphoria and all that comes out is insane laughter."

He concluded the post by saying that they were both lucky and unlucky. In a subsequent edit to the post, the individual mentioned that they would be claiming unemployment benefits since they did not hand in their resignation letter. The unique story had many people share their own insights in the comments section.

Image Source: Reddit/FlagshipHuman
Image Source: Reddit/u/FlagshipHuman


Image Source: Reddit/dizziej22357
Image Source: Reddit/u/dizziej22357

u/SnooBunnies7461 pointed out, "I'm calling BS on your manager. He wasn't going to fire you today. He couldn't let you get the upper hand in the situation because he's a micromanager who must control everything. When you said you were leaving, the only thing he had left to make himself look better was to say you were going to be fired today anyway. A**holes are always gonna be a**holes. Best of luck in your new job."

u/LittleBigOrange also made a similar observation, saying, "There is no way your manager was going to fire you. He's a pathetic child and wanted the last word. Good on you for leaving and finding something much better." The manager was very unprofessional and highlighted how lucky the individual was to find a better job and leave their toxic work environment.

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