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Employee hilariously one-ups stingy supervisor who never appreciates them at office Christmas party

An employee outsmarts her supervisor who always puts on display her stingy behavior when asked to appreciate employees for their hard work.

Employee hilariously one-ups stingy supervisor who never appreciates them at office Christmas party
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Adrienn; Reddit | u/betterwithgarlic

Employees are the reason a company functions smoothly and gains revenue. In their absence, a company can achieve nothing. Therefore, every organization has some form of arrangement to appreciate their employees. u/betterwithgarlic's company was no different, but unfortunately, she had a supervisor who prioritized saving money instead of showing gratitude to the employees. She used to limit everyone's intake during the event for no solid reason except to save the money that was going under business expenses anyway. After some time in the company, the employee felt insulted by this stingy attitude and decided to teach her supervisor a lesson.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes

The employee gave some context regarding the appreciation party in her previous company. She wrote, "We always had our 'Christmas/Employee appreciation' party in January, as December was crazy busy. I had only been there a few months when we were told about when and where the party would be." She was excited for the upcoming event but soon was handed out a memo. It was titled "The Rules of Going Out." The rules were as follows- "1) The party is for employees ONLY, no spouses. 2) I will pay for ONE DRINK ONLY! 3) You can have an appetizer or dessert, NOT BOTH! 4) Attendance is MANDATORY!"

All these rules for an event seemed funny to the employee. But she was soon warned they were actual regulations that the supervisor took very seriously and expected to be followed. She added, "Keep in mind that at the most there would have been 12 people attending and that she would completely write this off as a business expense, so why be so cheap?" Though disappointed as a new employee, she didn't want to rock the boat and went with it. The same pattern continued for the next few years. At one point, she just had it and became determined to teach her supervisor a lesson

During the appreciation dinner, everyone ordered their drinks at the start, but the woman refused and instead indulged in the starters. When questioned, she simply answered, "I will have it with dessert as I can't drink without eating anything first (true)." She dropped the ball when the dessert menu arrived. The employee asked for the scotch menu. She goes on to "order the most expensive per ounce scotch they have (about $26 bucks an ounce at the time)."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Mundane-District-565
Image Source: Reddit/u/Mundane-District-565

Her reasoning was, "I'm not going to waste my 'one drink only' on a $7 glass of wine. I'm getting the most expensive scotch there is and making a point of savoring it." Her supervisor was pissed, but all of this was by her regulations. It was only one drink and there was no cost cap. The employee went on to give an update, "After about 6 years, we stopped going out and it became a potluck (yay, I get to cook my own food to show myself appreciation)."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Corgilicious
Image Source: Reddit/u/Corgilicious

The comments section appreciated her for her smartness and also had their queries. u/ThirtyMileSniper pointed out another exploitation in this whole 'appreciation' dinner and commented, "Attendance is mandatory? So you were paid to be there, then? Otherwise, with transport, this looks like an out-of-pocket waste of time." In the update, the employee confirmed they were not paid to attend. u/Quixus had other suggestions to make it more difficult on the pocket, "In many restaurants, you can order wine, champagne, and whisky by the glass or by the bottle. Isn't the bottle also only one drink?"

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