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Employee highlights the 'benefits' of returning to the office full-time in a hilarious video

The woman parodied the benefits of returning to the office full-time, echoing the frustration of those who've gotten used to working from home.

Employee highlights the 'benefits' of returning to the office full-time in a hilarious video
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @beccaherries

After the pandemic, many offices have re-opened their doors, but employees still prefer to work from home. Some people have moved away from their work location, while others have found their workplace did not have a place to work or the building was empty. Now, a comedian has made a video poking fun at these issues. The video has gone viral as it garnered 869,000 views. In her parody, TikTok user Becca Herries (@beccaherries) shared the many "advantages" of returning to the office. These include "getting [your] pick of the seats" at the empty office or accessing a printer easily "if I ever need to go to the DMV."

Image Source: TikTok | @beccaherries
Image Source: TikTok | @beccaherries

It is an important video as many people have worked from home for the last few years. Companies will have to support their employees better if they want them to transition from working from home to working from office full-time.

Image Source: TikTok | @beccaherries
Image Source: TikTok | @beccaherries

People were quick to comment on the video as they also had several opinions. @HaleyRosenberg commented, "At home, I don't have to feel ashamed of how many times a day I have to pee." @Nicola wrote, "But Martha Stewart- whose whole 'Living' brand is about perfecting your home through LITERAL work at home- thinks we should all be back in the office."

@Fernnmayo joked, "Wow, so ungrateful - you didn't even mention the other snack option we could clearly see. Probably a 3rd Doritos flavor." @Bletno5 wrote, "I love going into the office to get on teams meetings. It just works!" @darcyorange commented, "The restroom! You get to sit on a toilet that all your coworkers sit on too, and pray none of them come in to use the stall next to you, at the same time!" 

In another interesting story about a woman discussing remote work, Twitter user @HanaMichels explained why working from home is essential. In her tweet, she wrote, "Remote work is essential for many Americans. It helps us be with family. It helps some of us who are disabled. Instead of fighting against it, we just need a few things to accommodate it."


She added, "Free national wifi option. Laws against corporate monopolies in residential neighborhoods. Easier deduction of home office expenses, including a % of rent and benefits for 1099 or self-employed workers. Employers to iron out 'do not disturb' hours by residential time zone. Global wage transparency and human translators who know the lingo of the said business sector, if employees have a language barrier. AI doesn't cut it yet. Must provide full salary, employment and benefits to demand ANY in-office hours (and if necessary, moving expenses)."


She concluded her post with, "To those of you who say this will never happen - I know. But our economy is poised to be in shambles without basic changes as technology and lifestyles change. I didn't even mention UBI, but someday that'll be necessary (and no, not the Yang model, awful model for UBI)." Employees discussing the importance of working from home or a smooth transition while getting back to an office is a much-needed conversation!

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