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Employee has the most savage response after micromanaging boss violates his own dress code

The manager was trying to control every little thing at the workplace but the employee was not having it.

Employee has the most savage response after micromanaging boss violates his own dress code
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Sora Shimazaki, Reddit | u/Mr-Bones-6150

One of the duties of managers is ensuring that employees follow company policies. However, some try to use these policies just as they please. A Reddit user, u/Mr-Bones-6150, shared a post about how he taught his micromanaging boss a lesson after facing a dress code issue at work. He began the post, "I worked for a popular fast-food company. We are required to wear brand shirts and must display the company logo on our bodies somewhere." 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

He then went on to talk about his new closing manager. He shared that the boss was "incredibly nitpicky and hypocritical, and only invoked the rules when it was convenient for him." The fast food worker mentioned that he had never gotten any write-ups for his uniform but that changed with this manager's joining. "Boss walks up to me and talks to me about the dress code and my violations," the man wrote. He told him that the rim of his shirt was too low, his aprons weren't allowed to have pockets, and that he couldn't have his jeans cuffed. He asked the employee to either buy new jeans or get the existing ones fixed. The employee tried to explain to him that he never found jeans that would fit his leg length but the manager simply said, "Just cut them then."

Later that week, the manager decided to make the employees sign a pamphlet that had the company dress code "written in text." All the other workers just signed it and handed it over but this employee wanted to read it thoroughly before signing it. He found out, "'Only dark blue denim, black jeans or black pants, solid in color, are approved to wear as your [company] uniform. Pants and jeans should not touch the ground, have holes, fade, embellishments, or light washes,' That's everything the dress code said about jeans, it said nothing that I wasn't allowed to cuff them." The pamphlet also specified that he needed to wear a company apron without pockets but it didn't stop anyone from wearing more than one. 

From the next day, the employee began coming to work wearing jeans that were cuffed, two aprons and his shirt tucked in. The worker wrote, "A few coworkers wondered why I had two aprons and still cuffed my jeans, I just told them, 'Everything I'm wearing is to the letter, up to dress code'." After this, his boss called him into the office and warned him that he would get a write-up for insubordination and dress code violation, but the employee knew exactly what to do. "I told him 'Nuh-uh, everything I am wearing is up to the code, I thought you knew. You signed it too. I assume you took the time to read the terms of the dress code too?'" the employee remarked.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley

After that, the manager got out the pamphlet and read out the dress code. While reading, he was also looking at the employee's apron and the jeans. Then the worker asked him if anything he was wearing was violating the dress code and the manager said, "No." However, the man didn't leave without pointing out, "Well then a write-up would be unnecessary for me, but I would like to point out that the dress code specifically prohibits holes in attire. And I think I see a hole right there on your shirt. Also, it says pants can not touch the floor and your pants are down by your heels sir, I can see some dirt and a stray piece of lettuce on the rim of your pant leg."

The manager quickly pulled up his pants up to his belly button. Before leaving the office, the employee quoted the boss in a sassy way and said, "'You know, if they're too long, you can cuff them' and I promptly left feeling proud of myself for that." After this incident, the manager never tried to talk about the dress code with the employee. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/ProfessorLexx
Image Source: Reddit | u/ProfessorLexx

People were impressed by how the employee gave the manager a taste of his own medicine. u/harrywwc commented, "I'm sure somewhere in his pudding-brain it was 'rules for thee, and not for me.'" u/cfwydirk wrote, "When you outgrow fast food, we have union work for you. Read the rules. Bravo!" u/daboog expressed, "And then the whole restaurant clapped!" u/DotBitGaming said, "I never understood why fast food managers give a shit. Their life sticks so bad, that they gotta go after someone else, I guess."

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