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Employee has the last laugh as annoying boss tried to make her work beyond her last day

The employee refused to bow down to the boss while quitting and made sure to have the last laugh as she left the key.

Employee has the last laugh as annoying boss tried to make her work beyond her last day
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Anete Lusina; (R) Reddit | u/ScarRawrLetTech

Having a bad experience on the job is nothing unique, but some just take the cake. As per a survey conducted by Georgetown University’s Christine Porath, respect was cited as the most important leadership behavior by employees. Some people are willing to adjust to various other things like work pressure and wages if they feel that their boundaries are being taken care of by the employer. Reddit user u/ScarRawrLetTech recalled a horrible experience she faced during her earlier years. To this date, she believes it to be one of her worst life experiences. The valuable things and learnings she picked up on that job meant nothing to her because of the invasiveness and disrespect she had to contend with. The only thing that turned out to be a positive takeaway for her was the way she defied the boss as she quit, and left him fuming. She shared her story with other netizens to make them understand that such behavior is inappropriate and people in power who display such antics can never keep their establishments up and running.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Tim Douglas
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Tim Douglas

The Redditor starts off the post by giving some important information about her background when she was employed at a small bakery. The employee emphasized the fact that she was a woman along with being a teenager during that time. This information explains how the exploitation by the boss of that bakery was harmful as well as dangerous. Firstly, she was at an impressionable age and this experience completely changed her worldview. Moreover, as a man, the boss was crossing spatial boundaries with her, which was totally unacceptable. She summarized the boss by writing, "He only gave us half-hour breaks for 10-hour shifts, he was racist and homophobic, and frequently made fun of his employees so his buddies could laugh at us when they visited." His treatment caused two people to quit just after one day of work.

She further went into detail describing her job functions. She was the key holder as well as the cashier. The woman was overworked, having to both run the place and close it up alone, without any kind of help. The day that she dreaded the most was Saturday, or what they called 'sandwich day'. The day was the busiest for the establishment as the whole building had no other shop selling cookies or pies and much business used to come to the shop. There used to be so many orders that even the boss had to step in, which further caused discomfort for her, as he used to constantly invade her personal boundaries. She suffered through as much as she could until she had enough and decided to turn in her resignation.

She went about it as professionally as she could, giving a week's notice and purposefully making Friday her last day. Even then, the boss refused to take the key on Friday and told her to come on Saturday. Not willing to be disrespected and humiliated further, she hatched a plan. The woman went along with it and let her boss think that he had gotten her to do his bidding again. Instead, on Saturday, she took her sweet time to wake up, wandered to the bakery, and left the key, The boss in her own words, "was rushing around making hundreds of sandwiches, red in the face and swearing under his breath" and did not look at her. She left him to squirm with his overworked staff.

Ultimately, his attitude brought down his bakery and he had to close it down. The reason was that people were no longer "willing to work" for him. His actions finally caught up to him leaving his good business in ruins. The woman's concluding thoughts regarding the situation were, "I know I wasn't the catalyst to that particular development, but it's nice to know I helped."

Image Source: Reddit/u/WokeBriton
Image Source: Reddit/u/WokeBriton


Image Source: Reddit/u/Chaosmusic
Image Source: Reddit/u/Chaosmusic

The comment section was overjoyed to learn of the business' ultimate fate and shared their own stories. u/Saenian commented about his experience of having a toxic boss, "Why is it always the bakeries that harbor crazy people??? My boss was an absolute nightmare and he ran a bakery as well. Apparently, baked goods is the place where madness lies." u/Efficient-Finding726 supported the woman and her actions, "Good for you girl. Stick it to the horrible old man. For the record I totally saw the malicious compliance, I just wished you had the only key and he was stuck outside."

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