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Employee has a sassy response after manager asks her to pay for the shift she called out of

The employee's friend shared the screenshot of the text message on Reddit and it sparked an intense debate.

Employee has a sassy response after manager asks her to pay for the shift she called out of
Representative Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/cooldudsav74

Employees are expected to maintain ethical relationships with their superiors and managers at workplaces. But more often than not, the gesture is not reciprocated. u/cooldudsav74 shared a post explaining how her friend’s reckless manager asked her to pay for a shift that she couldn't cover for valid reasons. The employee was sick so she couldn't come to work but the manager disregarded the issue and unreasonably asked her to cover the expenses of finding a replacement.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Tarazevich
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Tarazevich

While sharing the screenshot of the message the employer sent her friend, the woman revealed she was boggled by the selfish act. The message from the manager read, “I would really appreciate it if you would help pay for the close tonight. There was only an hour and 30 minutes before your shift and it was inconvenient and stressful for me to find a replacement in such a short amount of time.” The manager further explained that she had to pay $100 for the replacement to cover the shift and wanted to split the same with the employee.

“I understand that you weren’t feeling well and I am so sorry about that. There is a procedure with calling out, as you know and this didn’t hit any of the marks,” the message continued. She then suggested that the employee pay $50 while she could split $25 with another manager to cover the $100 for the replacement. The woman shared the message with her friends and provided more context. “Ladies, is this not an appropriate or rude message to send? This is the text the assistant manager at the coffee stand where I work part-time sent me when I called out of a shift,” she explained.

Image Source: Reddit|u/cooldudsav74
Image Source: Reddit|u/cooldudsav74

She further said that baristas usually pay replacements to cover shifts for them. “But I never offered any money, the two managers did and now she wants me to send her money to cover what she said she was offering?” The situation sparked quite a rage among commenters. Many opined that she didn’t have to pay. One user, u/ReeveStodgers, said, “I like to say, ‘No, thank you,’ to unreasonable requests. Their reaction to that as being a weird response makes them confront how unreasonable it was to ask in the first place.” u/tonytown remarked, “That’s a ‘cost of doing business’ expense which is illegal to put on an employee.”

u/Jmmm060708 wrote, “Managers are paid more to manage. If paying $100 to get a shift covered is the approach, then that’s how they do it. No way are you responsible for it.” u/JazzyButternuts exclaimed, “I would just write back, ‘haha! You’re funny, have a nice day.’” u/vhagar cautioned, “This is illegal. They may not have even paid anyone and are just trying to get money from your friend. It's a pretty common middle management scam.” The friend revealed in the comments section that the employee quit the job after giving a sassy reply to the manager: "I told her it’s rude to ask for money and that it was her choice to offer 100$ so it’s not my issue." She garnered praise for standing up for herself and not tolerating an uncooperative boss. 

Image Source: Reddit|u/cooldudsav74
Image Source: Reddit|u/cooldudsav74

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