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Employee hands in notice after company posts her position on job portal during her bereavement leave

An employee discovered that her company had posted her job on a job portal without telling her, so she decided to take a drastic step.

Employee hands in notice after company posts her position on job portal during her bereavement leave
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; Reddit | u/flamingredhair

Many modern-day employees have, from past stories, learned never to be overly loyal to their employers. Most of them turn their backs on employees the second they get a better option. Moreover, employees need to have a backup plan if things go south. u/flamingredhair shared a story about how she quit her job immediately after finding out that her company posted her position at the job portal and intended to fire her. The post titled, "I quit my job after they posted my position while I was on bereavement leave," has got 1.1K upvotes and 37 comments on the site.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Gouw
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Gouw

The woman starts the post by stating how her employer had been "nitpicking" at her for quite some time. She writes, "I'm good at my specialty, but it's my first job managing others and I really struggled with that aspect." She felt like the whole situation was a "trial by fire" and the employer just let her "burn." Things took a drastic turn while the employee was away from work on bereavement leave after her grandfather passed away.

She was driving home from the funeral and checked Indeed randomly. To her shock, she discovered that her job had been posted on the site. She shares, "I did not tell anyone I had thoughts of leaving and no one had discussed anything like that with me." Seeing the posting made the employee incredibly anxious and stated how it was "incredibly disrespectful, unprofessional & just dirty."

Something had to be done, so the employee decided that she would give her notice. The only confusion was whether it would be for two weeks or immediately. Since the job was a highly toxic environment, she knew she would struggle if she continued to work there for two more weeks. So, she checked how much PTO she had and decided that it made sense to quit immediately. Having made up her mind, she went to their supervisor and handed in her resignation, which would be effective immediately.

The supervisor tried to comfort her. She writes, "She told me the posting was not meant to hurt me, but the company has the right to look for other opportunities just as I do." The employee expressed she was scared about her future prospects as she had never left a job immediately. She concluded by saying how she was proud of herself for taking a stand.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Toolatrecrew
Image Source: Reddit | u/Toolatrecrew
Image Source: Reddit | u/HornetDangerous2433
Image Source: Reddit | u/HornetDangerous2433

People on the platform empathized with the woman's situation and shared their thoughts in the comment section. u/Turbulent-Pipe-4642 said, "There's always an excuse. The fact is that if your job is posted, they're planning on replacing you. How stupid do these companies think we are? Or getting an employee to train someone to do their job and claiming they're not going to be replaced. No consideration at all for employees as human beings."

u/tacosforsocrates pointed out, "They treat us all like interchangeable parts in an apparatus and never get called on it. You should be proud of yourself for walking away from that." u/Swarrlly suggested, "You shouldn't have quit. Make them fire you and sue for retaliation if your state considers bereavement as protected leave." u/davebrose commented, "This is win-win. They are glad you are gone and you are glad you left. Everyone got what they wanted, happy ending all around."

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