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Employee gets a big promotion but with a 50% pay cut leaving the internet in shock

The employees worked hard to get a project up, but when it was time for them to lead it, the incentive was so low that they had to walk away.

Employee gets a big promotion but with a 50% pay cut leaving the internet in shock
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska; Reddit | u/Big-Locksmith1087

Promotions are a reason for celebration for most employees, but not for this one. When the company proposed u/Big-Locksmith1087 a promotion, they were offered a whopping 50% pay cut instead of an increment. The employee shared their story, where they were offered more responsibility with fewer incentives. The person wrote, "So I've been working at this company for over a year. I'm in a pretty senior position, and the management has always alluded to giving me a founder-esque job within one of their owned companies (the main umbrella company has a few sub-companies). 3 weeks ago, they told me they wanted me to head a Gen AI project, where they would build a team around me, etc." The employee shared they worked hard on the project and got the MVP and website ready. However, they were in for an unpleasant surprise after putting in all their efforts.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

The employee shared, "Suddenly, 3 days back, they called me and said I'm doing an amazing job, but they need to reduce my salary by 50% to afford to build this Gen AI project. And once the project starts generating money down the line, I will be back paid the difference and given a higher salary as well." Then, the company asked the employee to think about their offer and get back to them. The employee further expressed that it took them 5 minutes to realize the company's proposal did not make sense. As they further added, "You put me on a project as the lead, make me work super hard on it, promise me a promotion, job title change, etc, only to cut my salary at the same time?" The employee felt that it was unethical and manipulative in so many ways.

Also, the employee shared the company had decided this in March and could have easily shared their plan with them before they started building the project. After giving it a thought, the employee decided it was time for them to move on, as they couldn't think of accepting the offer. They called the company in 20 minutes and let them know the same. The boss was in shock at first but offered to retain the employee as a consultant who works for a few days a week, but the employee was adamant about getting a clean-cut. The person added, "Even though I have no job prospects at hand, the amount of relief I have gotten from exiting such a manipulative environment is more valuable than any money I would have earned. It's 50 % more valuable."


u/RandomlyMethodical wrote, "A pay cut like that might make sense if it came with substantial equity in the company, but some vague promise of future payback is usually b*******. Also, half-paying means they're likely half-a***** the whole project, which means it's guaranteed to fail. AI models are not cheap to develop and train. Walking away from that was a good call." u/thedeuceisloose wrote, "The only way I'd take that agreement is if it was in writing with an enforcement clause that f**** em over if they don't." u/LittlestEcho replied to the person and wrote, "Most states are at will, so they could just fire them for no reason at all. Meaning, the second the project was completed or started turning a decent profit they could just be like, "Oh, no, so sorry. Turns out we don't need you anymore."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Technical-Sun-2016
Image Source: Reddit | u/Technical-Sun-2016
Image Source: Reddit | u/ZynthCode
Image Source: Reddit | u/ZynthCode

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