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Employee finds out co-worker scammed disabled person, gets them and his boss fired

The disabled man was in a home and not in a position to make a financial decision but the salesman pinned 10 phones on him.

Employee finds out co-worker scammed disabled person, gets them and his boss fired
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We live in a dog-eat-dog world with many people willing to do just about anything to get ahead in life. One Reddit user shared the story of how a salesman took advantage of a disabled man, leaving him and his family heartbroken. Not one to stand watching, he took a stand but even his boss sided with the salesman. When told to accept things as they were, he refused but maliciously complied and ended up getting the salesman and his boss fired. The employee shared his story on Reddit where it went viral. The post was titled, "'If you don't like the way we do things here, you can leave.' OK."

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"I worked for a mobile carrier in a mall. I was the assistant manager, in charge of most of the store paperwork," he wrote. "One morning, a guy approached me asking for a specific phone and kept balking at the price, asking if I could cut him a deal. I smile and say, 'Sorry, that's the best I can do today.' The man's demeanor completely changed and he showed his Id. He was from corporate LP (loss preventions). Apparently, my store ranked top in the state for 'excessive discounts' and 'excessive waste'. He then hands me a document showing all of my 'friends and family' discounts. So I flip open my phone and showed him all the names on the list are in my phone, thus ARE friends and family," he wrote.



As it turns out, more than 30% of the store's transactions were marked with that discount code and also appeared to "lose" lots of inventory. The person revealed the usual average for a store and pointed out the store was way above average. His boss and co-worker couldn't prove their discounts and were let off with a stern warning. He decided to keep track of the inventory to ensure the 'discounts' and 'inventory losses' weren't above the average. "Like a miracle, cases stopped breaking for the rest of the month with these announcements," he wrote.

After a while, an old man came to the store in tears. "An older gentleman approaches me and starts screaming at me about being a 'heartless b*stard' and asking 'how the hell can you do this to people?!' I look at him puzzled. As soon as we sit down I look at him and he starts crying and shaking. 'I don't know what to do. I'm gonna lose my house,'" he recalled. He learns that his son had gotten 10 'free' phones from the store and the monthly bill was roughly $800 plus tax. The dad shows me a photo in his wallet and explains that his son lives in a home because he's too old to take care of him. "He's visibly disabled. He was already barely getting by paying for his house plus his son to be taken care of. My heart dropped as I figured out what had happened. My co-worker had sold the phones to his son while they were on a 'mall outing' with his group home," he wrote. It was clear, the salesman had taken advantage of the disabled man. 



"Furious, I go back to the store and void the entire order. I instruct the dad to bring me every phone he can find. Anything not in the store that day would be marked as stolen," he wrote, telling the old man he needn't worry about the money. He told off his co-worker when they came in. "If you pull ANYTHING like that again, I'll make sure you're fired. Take the rest of the weekend off." Soon, his boss comes by defending the worker.



"Irritated, he looks at me and says something like 'you know you can't do that right?'" he wrote. His boss told him he had no authority to void the order. "Confused and angry, I say 'look, I will not sit by and allow people to be taken advantage of like that.'" His boss replied, "If you don't like the way we do things here, you can leave." The employee was shocked but decided to do exactly what his boss told him to do—leave. 



He quit his job and found a new IT job. He moved on with his new job but learned that with no one around to keep a check on them, his ex-boss and co-worker were fired over unexplained 'missing' phones. As it turns out, they were giving away inventory to close sales while reporting them as "broken" cases. "From what I hear, they were escorted out by security and all. So in the end, I was pushed to start the career of my dreams. They have a record," he concluded. 



Reddit users praised him for standing up for the old man and his disabled son. "As somebody who used to work in retail for 10+ years, you handled a screaming swearing person better than I ever could have. Good on you for saving that poor guy," wrote one user.

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