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Employee finds a higher-paying job after being fed up of an insensitive and toxic manager

A grocery store worker escapes a toxic manager by finding a better-paying job and embarking on a journey to a brighter future.

Employee finds a higher-paying job after being fed up of an insensitive and toxic manager
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

Grocery store workers are often treated very poorly. More often than not, they end up doing more work than they are paid for. Some employees are even asked to fill in for another person and do something that's not part of their responsibilities. Reddit user u/batkevn, who used to be a "Courtesy Clerk" at a grocery store, had an inspiring story to share about leaving their hostile workplace. The individual starts the post by saying that they decided to move into a new place far away from home without having a job set up there.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel

They write, "Fortunately, the relatives I was living with knew a ton of people in the small town and were able to get me a job within a week at the local grocery store." The individual, being a friendly person, quickly became friends with his coworkers and some customers. However, the management at the store was not at all friendly. The employee mentions how the HR manager would often waste a customer's valuable time by telling them all the recipes they had.

She would also call the individual from the back of the store to the front just to bag a few items and help a man who was "barely older" than them to his car. Problems didn't end there as the store had a General Manager, John, who would be "nice in groups" but was not a friendly person to be around one-on-one. John reprimanded the individual for not shaving properly one day before work. They write, "My hair is dark and grows quickly. Sorry dude. Can't help nature."

A few months went by and the night janitor at the store resigned. John proceeded to immediately task the individual with polishing the floors before the store opened every morning. The new responsibility required them to arrive early at 4 AM. The manager convinced him that it would be temporary and even offered a $0.05 raise for the extra efforts. They write, "How could I decline?!"

The individual started showing up early and, in a month, asked the manager if he had found a replacement for the janitor. He replies that it would take two more weeks and after that, "everything would be settled." The second month passes and the individual inquires again. He tells them that the person considered had "fell through" and asks them if they knew anyone who wanted the position.

A third month passes and the individual has had enough. They write, "Again, I approached John and explained that I cannot keep doing this much longer." He replies, "Not my problem. Find someone else or a new job." Hearing this, the individual was furious but could not afford to quit immediately. They decide to begin looking for jobs elsewhere.



One fine day, their relative takes them to look at new cars. They were all discussing details about the purchase when the individual candidly told the sales manager about John and his rude attitude. They walked away and came back, informing them that they were looking for a detailer at the dealership with better pay and wanted to know if they were interested. Accepting immediately, they write, "While my relative was signing financing paperwork, I was filling out a new hire packet. I was to begin work on Tuesday of the next week."

Image Source: Reddit/Rambo-Brite
Image Source: Reddit | u/Rambo-Brite


Image Source: Reddit/waster_x
Image Source: Reddit | u/waster_x

The individual quit on the same day and returned home to visit friends. They told the store, "If you have any questions, please ask John." They then mention that John mysteriously disappeared from the store, only for them to run into him at a bank when they went to deposit their fresh paycheck. People on the site loved the story and shared their thoughts in the comments section. u/One-Cardiologist-462 said, "The ending where he had to deposit your paycheck was the icing on the cake. Nicely done."

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