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Employee discovers hidden deductions in paycheck for unwanted insurance due to manager's mistake

They had initially declined to enroll for insurance but found out that they have been paying for it all along.

Employee discovers hidden deductions in paycheck for unwanted insurance due to manager's mistake
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Mikhail Nilov

Many job-seekers look for positions that offer comprehensive insurance plans. Having one alleviates a lot of stress for most people and is always a welcome perk with the job. However, in any case, it's crucial to be aware of the amount you are paying for insurance and know your exact plan. Reddit user u/PiercingPotato2 shared a story about how they kept in the dark regarding an insurance policy their company was charging them for.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The employee mentions that their employer contacted them while they were on vacation to let them know that they were eligible for insurance, having worked for the company for three years. They declined the offer because they had coverage under their father's plan for three more years. The employer understood and that seemed to be the end of it. After some time, the employee got to know that their employer wouldn't pay for their healthcare coverage during their two-week vacation in July 2023.

The employee was extremely confused when they got to know about this as they didn't recall signing up for insurance. They wanted to clear things up and decided to inquire about it during their next working day. Their current employer wasn't there and they got to know from the assistant manager that they had insurance. They say, "I didn't even know what company it was, never received paperwork or cards in the mail, didn't know how much I've been paying for it, or why I even have insurance!"

Wanting to know more, they got a number from the assistant manager to call the said insurance company. The first place didn't have any answers and they redirected the employee to HR. The employee called the number for the HR department they provided, only to find out that it was not the HR for their store. A few calls later, they managed to procure the number for their HR department from their employer. However, they found out that it was the same wrong number.

After a series of confusing calls, there was no result and the employee decided to wait till their employer returned to the office. They finally arrived and got to know everything about the insurance company. They write, "I finally know what company it is, how much I'm paying and I'll be receiving cards in the mail." They also got to know that they would not receive a reimbursement if they canceled the plan.

Image Source: Reddit/Ella0508
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ella0508


Image Source: Reddit/u/sethleedy
Image Source: Reddit | u/sethleedy

The employee later talks about how they were losing money on insurance they didn't want, all because their employer forgot to make them sign a paper showing that they declined it. People on Reddit provided useful suggestions in the comment section about what the employee could do. u/aZamaryk said, "Always check your paystubs, especially the first few. Then, at least periodically. I was salaried for a long time, but I still checked paystubs once in a while, even just to make sure I had access to them.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexander Suhorucov
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexander Suhorucov

Another user, u/jenjer2007, highlighted, "You should cancel the coverage with your employer. If you are still with them when you age out of your father's insurance, that is a qualifying event, so you can get back on it. Do not keep paying it. Cancel ASAP."

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