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Employee decides to quit after company hires new staff with 20% more than their wage

The employee decides to apply for other positions after their realizing their company's unfair pay raise policy.

Employee decides to quit after company hires new staff with 20% more than their wage
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Nicola Barts

Corporations often have very unfair policies when it comes to salary and raises. Often, they do not properly account for inflation and cost of living and give very negligible amounts to most employees. It can lead to employees looking for better positions elsewhere or requesting a significant increase in their salary. Reddit user u/yogfthagen went through something similar when their company revealed that they can only provide a raise once a year.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

The employee details how their department had a meeting after a survey revealed that employees' morale was really low. At the meeting, employees highlighted why they felt the company did not care. Some of these included general unresponsiveness, management not fixing issues and sudden changes to the way the company was run. The meeting was not a failure and the employee received a 10% raise.

The employee was also tempted to leave the job because of how bad it was and even said to their manager, "There comes a point where it's not about the money." Their working conditions had deteriorated severely, with their team being split in half. It also did not help that they now had workloads that were going back to pre-pandemic levels, which meant that people had to work much longer to get work done.

They talk about how many teams were signing massive contracts without having sufficient human resources to back it up. They write, "I'm doing 60-hour weeks to keep up with my emails, let alone do the job." All things were somehow functioning till the organization decided to hire a new person for their team. The shocker was that the new person wanted 20% more than the individual's increased wage, which they granted recently.

Naturally, the employee went to ask for more, as it was only fair that they should be compensated properly. However, they were in for disappointment as the company had a policy which meant that once an employee got a raise, they had to wait a year before they asked for another, which was not a very sensible policy. They decided that enough was enough and started applying for jobs elsewhere.

They write, "My resume is up to date and I'm ready to start shot-gunning applications all over the place." In an edit to the post, the employee mentions that many people who joined the company only stayed for about three years before they left. They write, "They keep burning out and leaving." The post concludes with the employee stating that being loyal to a company was not worth it.

Image Source: Reddit/wolf_in_sheeps_wool
Image Source: Reddit | u/wolf_in_sheeps_wool


Image Source: Reddit/Rat_Master999
Image Source: Reddit | u/Rat_Master999

People on the platform supported the employee's decision to look for a better position and gave their suggestions in the comment section. u/PhatNick said, "Time to act your wage. It's not for you to work extra hours to cover for their mismanagement. Start bouncing work back. Don't over-commit yourself just because they have."

Another user, u/MuchDevelopment7084, added, "Company loyalty is a one-way street. This also explains why a lot of people move jobs every two years or so. It's the only way to guarantee you'll get a raise worthy of the word."

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