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Employee decides to jump ship when their boss turns out to be heartless and toxic

The worker shares several instances that show how 'fake' their boss is and how she does not care at all about her employees.

Employee decides to jump ship when their boss turns out to be heartless and toxic
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Nicola Barts ; Reddit | u/PicassoPie

Workplaces have a weird way of manipulating individuals by making them believe they are a part of the unit. In reality, this belief is far from the truth. Every organization is self-centered and cares only about its own profit. u/PicassoPie realized it the hard way when their supervisor repeatedly disrespected their health concerns. It was also not an isolated incident and had happened with many before them. The workplace disregarded the emotional and mental health of the employees and expected them to function as machines. It has become overwhelming for the employee and they came on Reddit to understand their next course of action. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The employee began by recounting a previous incident at the same workplace. They wrote, "My coworker's grandma is dying of cancer, wanted to spend the last few days of Thanksgiving week with her so they at least can have one last holiday together. When asked if she could have those days off, my boss responded with, 'I'm sorry hun if you don't show, imma have to let you go cause we're super busy due to holidays.'" The coworker prioritized her family and left the job. 

Before taking the job, the employee had told the authorities about their epilepsy. They knew about the condition and promised to work around it. But it all turned out to be a lie when one day, they asked for accommodations. They were dismissed and pushed to work through such a debilitating state. They wrote, "When I told her that I needed to leave, she got mad and said, 'Yeah, but you know you've already missed a lot of days due to it and we really need you' basically trying to guilt me into staying, 'I can see you're shaking really bad, but maybe try sitting down for a minute in the break room and drink some water that might help.'" They were able to advocate for themselves and left the workplace.

One day, the situation became horrible. After having a seizure at their home, the employee called the store to let the manager know they wouldn't be working. Her reply took the employee aback, "Jesus, are you serious? You know you left me all alone in the store last week?" It was shocking as the employee was not scheduled to come but was requested to fill in as another personnel got into a family emergency. He had to rush to the hospital for his niece and later on, was reprimanded for this. The employee was getting increasingly frustrated with everything. They wrote their views about the manager, "She acts all nice and does the whole 'we're a family' thing yet doesn't care that much or is just a jerk."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Dismal_Information83
Image Source: Reddit/u/Dismal_Information83

Moreover, the manager's conduct is questionable as she keeps gossiping about her employees. Her behavior is making many people quit, which is further irritating her as job pressure is increasing. The employee wants to walk out but doesn't know the right course of action. They were bombarded with tons of suggestions in the comment section

Image Source: Reddit/u/Hungry_Anteater_8511
Image Source: Reddit/u/Hungry_Anteater_8511

u/SheiB123 gave a simple tip for the predicament and wrote,  "Find another job that follows the law about people with disabilities and reasonable accommodations." u/StevenK71 pointed out the hypocrisy of the company and commented, "Yeah, a family, as long as you don't have any demands, LOL."

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