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Employee bags himself a better opportunity after boss's flippant response to well-deserved promotion

This Reddit user was denied a well-deserved promotion. His response is one that serves as an inspiration for all such employees in the corporate race.

Employee bags himself a better opportunity after boss's flippant response to well-deserved promotion
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels/Photo by Andrea Piacquadio (R) Reddit/u/A-Wise-Cobbler

With adulthood comes a myriad of responsibilities. Worklife is one of the major hustles and everyone is constantly looking to learn and grow consistently. Reddit gives us a straightforward yet relatable incident of an employee who we can say, was pushed to know his worth. Having been part of a large MNC company for over 8 years, this business analyst was simply looking for his hard-earned value to be acknowledged. The reply he received was, however, surprisingly unfair.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Photo by Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Photo by Yan Krukau

Sharing his story with the r/MaliciousCompliance forum, u/A-Wise-Cobbler explained that he was a good employee. He also mentioned that, having done his job well by staying consistent and a lot more, he had received two promotions previously. However, further down the line, things changed. He wrote, "A role came up to be a senior analyst for a new domain and for various reasons, I was denied the promotion. Not a big deal. I understood the reasons. I really did." Having taken these said reasons into consideration, he worked harder to become worthy of future opportunities. Yet, when the time came, things went downhill. When he requested this well-deserved promotion, his boss's response was: "Well he needs to prove himself." As you can imagine, the Reddit user felt his value decrease in a jiffy.

While many may feel dejected and quickly jump to the conclusion that their years-long struggle has been wasted in the corporate race, this business analyst had one of the best comebacks. He shared: "I kept learning the new domain and applied for posts outside of the company and within a month, one role finally clicked." The new role he was offered had a higher pay difference of about $22k with other increased bonuses. In his post, he revealed that he was happy with his present company except for them denying him the well-deserved promotion and pushing him to look beyond and browse other opportunities.

It is often said, "If you're not being valued, don't be dismayed; you may just be in the wrong place." It pushes us to think how many times we have received a "he needs to prove himself" in different ways and led us to believe that we may not be good enough. This story is the perfect replication of what many of us face, especially in the corporate world. On our end, looking beyond our regular offerings may be intimidating and doubtful. It's not easy to push yourself to a new horizon even if there is no happiness where you stand now. We often overlook our value and settle for less. But that’s where the mistake lies. Knowing your market worth overcomes this intimidation.

Many managers and supervisors fail to recognize and appreciate the value some of their employees hold. The careless response of the superiors cost them a consistent, loyal, hardworking and top-notch member. Several Reddit users took to the comments to vent about the lack of appreciation they received. u/Forsaken-Yak-7581 commented, "Sometimes a small push like this is all we need to realize our next move." We couldn’t agree more. Look beyond, take the extra push and leave behind whatever is stopping you from being all that you can be!

Image Source: Reddit/u/Hanzoku
Image Source: Reddit/u/Hanzoku
Image Source: Reddit/u/Loco6191
Image Source: Reddit/u/Loco6191

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