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Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush sat next to each other at a Cowboys game & Twitter went wild

Because, of course, they would sit next to each other. Has a more obvious seating plan even existed?

Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush sat next to each other at a Cowboys game & Twitter went wild

Former President George W. Bush and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres were spotted sitting next to each other in the Cowboys’ stadium at the biggest game of Week 5, the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers, USA Today reports. The unlikely duo was attending the game with their respective wives, former First Lady Laura Bush, and Portia de Rossi. They were seen smiling and chatting away as DeGeneres scrolled away on her phone. Of course, once photos emerged of the otherwise strange seating arrangement, the internet just could not get enough of them. Many took to social media platform Twitter to express their views.


Some individuals saw the humorous side of things and decided to post a couple of wisecracks. One user wrote, "Laura and George Bush sitting with Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi is not something I expected to see at an NFL game... I would absolutely watch this sitcom though." ESPN commentator Clinton Yates added, “Ellen sitting next to Dubya definitely qualified as a Sunday shocker." Another still, stated, "Name a more weird couple." And honestly, we can't name anything weirder or more out of the ordinary than this strange pairing. Not even aliens. And aliens are pretty weird, man.


While some Twitter users were able to take on a lighter perspective, others were less excited about the whole thing and chose instead to highlight how problematic it was for the talk show host to humor who in their minds was, basically, a warmonger. One user on Twitter pointedly posted, "So quirky and fun to see George Bush out with Ellen at a Cowboys game after his terrible foreign policy decisions killed thousands of innocent people." However, others, though still remaining political, were of the belief that unity is what the current political plane is in dire need of. "I don’t know why people are hating on this. This is exactly what our world needs right now. We need to see that people who disagree politically can sit together, be kind, and enjoy a football game," one individual stated. "Chill people. This is a good thing."


This isn't the first time Bush and DeGeneres have spent time with each other. In the past, DeGeneres invited the former President to her talk show as a guest. They may not always agree politically, but perhaps Bush is focusing on other things right now. After all, he has recently dedicated himself entirely to his art: paintings centered on veterans (who were forced to participate in the very wars he championed while in the White House). An exhibit of some of his works will be opened later this month at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., while DeGeneres is currently on the 17th season of her highly successful talk show, The Ellen Show.


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