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Elderly woman skating without a care in the world is a wholesome vibe people aspire to achieve

An elderly woman follows her passion as she skates through the rink, breaking every boundary of age in the process.

Elderly woman skating without a care in the world is a wholesome vibe people aspire to achieve
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @the_griffin_brothers__

Age should be no limit when it comes to pursuing a passion. Many in the world feel scared about doing what they love because of stupid reasonings like "What will the world say?" or "Is it appropriate for their age?" In reality, what should matter is whether they are enjoying it and if it's not hurting anyone else. If those two boxes are checked, then people should speed towards their happiness, no questions asked. The joy such liberty could bring was evident in a recent video uploaded by Marcus Griffin, who goes by @the_griffin_brothers__ on Instagram. The video featured an old woman thoroughly enjoying her passion for skating without a care in the world. The happiness in the video was so appealing that it went viral in no time. 

Image Source: Instagram/@the_griffin_brothers__
Image Source: Instagram | @the_griffin_brothers__

The lady's name was Mrs Cynthia, as mentioned in the caption. The camera follows her as she is skating through the ring. The woman seems like a little child, going at the speed of lightning, leaving behind every other person. She is skating to the tune of "More than a Woman." The youthful exuberance of the song was reflected in her amazing moves. It seemed as if she had broken the boundaries of age and once again become a little girl in the rink. There were no inhibitions in any of her moves. Her confidence was infectious as if encouraging others to follow her in the pursuit of joy. The smile she gives at the end to the camera adds cherry to the top of this heartwarming sequence.

Image Source: Instagram/@the_griffin_brothers__
Image Source: Instagram | @the_griffin_brothers__

Unfortunately, the video ends on a somber note as it is revealed that Mrs Cynthia has left the world for her heavenly abode. The ending shot has her posing with a medal she probably won in a skating competition. She was extremely happy while donning her beautiful attire and wearing her beloved roller skates. Ultimately, that's how the Griffin brothers want people to remember her, in her most joyous self.

Griffin brothers are a prominent part of the skating community and probably met her through that. They were taken by the passion she brought to the rink, proving to everyone that age is just a number. In the caption, they honored her resilience and love for skating. They wrote, "Fly high, our beautiful friend Mrs Cynthia! I hope you're skating with the angels up there! You proved that age doesn't matter when it comes to doing what you love! You were 86 when I recorded this video."

Image Source: Instagram/@jezarriches
Image Source: Instagram | @jezarriches
Image Source: Instagram/@xkservices2020
Image Source: Instagram | @xkservices2020

The comments section felt inspired by her love for skating. @kiwimaxblue adored the spirit shown by Cynthia in the rink and wrote, "She enjoyed every minute. Rest peacefully. Thanks for the inspiration." @beforeifade found the joy Cynthia was feeling during skating appealing and commented, "That breathless skating, I would think she would live forever. The end shocked me since I saw this video before she passed. RIP at the roller rink." @mariamabifares agreed with the assertion of Griffin Brothers that her love for skating would carry on in the beyond and wrote, "May she rest in peace. She's definitely skating with the angels."

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