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Elderly woman becomes friends with teen after he returns her lost wallet: 'Now, I have a new friend'

The teenager went out of his way to return the wallet to the woman after he found it lying in the parking lot of a Walmart store.

Elderly woman becomes friends with teen after he returns her lost wallet: 'Now, I have a new friend'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Dee Harkrider

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 20, 2023. It has since been updated.

Friendships don't always happen with similar-aged people. Sometimes it is just with someone you really connect with. A teenager found a friend in a 61-year-old woman after he drove miles to return her wallet which he saw lying in the parking lot of a Walmart store. Dee Harkrider, a woman from Arkansas, didn't even remember that she had left her wallet in a shopping cart at Forrest City. She was surprised to know that a teenager found it and was on his way to give it to her. 


Harkrider told The Hill that "anybody could have picked that up." She said that if he wanted he could have just given it to the store but he took the effort to bring it to her. "I’m just overwhelmed.” Delivontae Johnson had gone to the store to replace a tire. He parked in a pharmacy spot and saw the wallet.

He said, "I wasn’t supposed to be parking in that spot but thank God I did." Johnson found Harkrider's license in her wallet and started driving to her house in Wynne. Thankfully he was able to connect with her on Facebook. "I live in Wynne, but I was in Palestine. So, that young man detoured and came to Palestine and brought me my wallet," she shared. The two met at a parking lot of a restaurant. Harkrider hugged him and requested a picture with him to post on Facebook because she was thankful for what he did. She said, “I wanted people to know what this young man had done for me. I had to share it."

Harkrider also gave Johnson a $20 bill which she had inside her wallet. She feels that she could have done more for him. However, for Johnson, it was more than what he was expecting. Johnson studies at the East Arkansas Community College and was happy that he received the gas money. He also shared that his mother is proud of him. "She said I did a good job. I’m glad she raised me to be the man I am today,” said Johnson.

He and Harkrider are now Facebook friends. She said that she wants everyone to know there still are good people who want to help others. Harkrider said, “God watched over me. He brought this angel into my life. God sends people for a reason into each other’s lives."


Johnson is happy with the way things turned out as he had blown out his tire after hitting a pothole on his way to church. He said, "I once heard in the church from a pastor [that] the devil will strike before God begins to bless."  Harkrider is sure that God will bless Johnson for what he did and she hopes to stay in touch with him for many years to come. She joked, "You are stuck with me now."


Harkrider narrated the whole incident in the Facebook post, writing: "A friend told me I was lucky. I told her no, God was watching out for me. Delivontae Johnson, I pray that God blesses you beyond any measure!! Now, I have a new friend!"

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