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An old man 'jumping' inside a giant balloon shouldn't be this funny and wholesome. Yet it is.

Fleming shoves his father inside a giant balloon before leaving him bouncing in hilarious video.

An old man 'jumping' inside a giant balloon shouldn't be this funny and wholesome. Yet it is.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @tadhg_fleming

Social media is a place where people share their most hilarious and amazing moments. The more unique the content, the better the chances of anyone grabbing the world's attention. Tadhg Fleming from Ireland—who goes by @tadhg_fleming on Instagram—usually posts out-of-the-box videos on his channels. He recently shared a video where he is trying to fit his father, Darry, inside a balloon. Though the content should be borderline hilarious, it turns out to be wholesome and heartwarming due to the infectious joy with which the father-son duo approaches the situation. After gaining appreciation for the video, he posted a longer version on X (previously Twitter), where it was noticed by famous names like J.K. Rowling and Dara Ó Briain.

Image Source: YouTube/Tadhg Fleming
Image Source: Instagram | @tadhg_fleming

The video begins with Fleming coming in front of the camera and introducing his day's task with a leaf blower and balloon. He said, "Come on, come with me as I shove my father into a balloon." His Irish accent became the perfect partner in crime to make this video a laughter fest. When he looks at his father, the only reply he got was, "You have 10 minutes, OK." The "grumpy" man was "Ready for It," Taylor Swift style. Fleming filled the balloon with air and asked his father to fit into it quickly. He began to scream, "Get in there," as he helped his Pops get his legs in the green balloon. By the time it deflated, only the portion below the father's knee was inside the fit. But Fleming was happy with the progress and said, "Step 1: complete."

Image Source: YouTube/Tadhg Fleming
Image Source: Instagram | @tadhg_fleming

Fleming again filled the balloon with air. He began cheering his Pops from the background and then stepped in to give him a bit of push. But Darry was having none of it when he tried to press in his stomach. The father clearly warned him, "Don't squeeze my stomach." Like any other son, Fleming didn't heed it and tried to get him in the balloon. But to no avail. It was only after he followed his father's instructions the balloon finally went up. After reaching the buttock area, Fleming again had to fill it with air. They managed to cover the entire lower portion, but getting things above that proved a bit of a task. 


By this time, Darry had completely been transformed into a green bowling pin. This time, Darry took the command and began filling the air while Fleming was helping to push things in place. Their mantra was "quick and fast." The objective was to get Darry's hands under the balloon. But, it was easier said than done. They needed more help and entered MaryAnne. Such antics were so common for the father-son duo that the sister straightway lent a hand rather than ask questions. The father made his first attempt as Fleming said, "1,2,3 Go in Dad." Darry finally managed to get his hands underneath and made some more space as the leaf blower was again called in for duty. As the balloon was getting filled up, the father was looking more and more funny. The girl couldn't help it anymore and asked, "What is happening?"

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After everything came to be, the siblings couldn't stop their laughter. Darry looked at Fleming and exasperatedly asked, "Are you happy now?" Then, the fun began with all three of them jumping around in the room. After some killer moves, the balloon finally gave in, but the laughter it produced still lingered in the room. For everyone's viewing pleasure, Fleming slowed the moment of bursting at the end in slow motion.

Image Source: YouTube/@fonepixie
Image Source: YouTube/@fonepixie
Image Source: YouTube/@henlowridge8598
Image Source: YouTube/@henlowridge8598

The comment section loved the whole thing from start to finish. said, "The fighting, the tension, the doubt, the joy and the devastation. This had it all! Best yet!" While appreciating the dad, @macpicts said, "This is brilliant! Your dad is one in a million. Show him all the love! I'm crying laughing."


You can follow Tadhg Fleming (@TadhgFleming) on YouTube, X, TikTok and Instagram for more funny and out-of-the-box content.

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