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Elderly couple redefines love by skating and dancing at a crowded ice rink like no one's watching

Age is just a number for these elderlies in their 70s, who never left their passion for ice skating behind them.

Elderly couple redefines love by skating and dancing at a crowded ice rink like no one's watching
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Laszlo Gombos

When it is about pursuing or reigniting your passion for something, age should never become a barrier for you. Petra Litovic, a twenty-something woman–who goes by @petralitovic on TikTok–was at a public ice skating rink in Budapest when she spotted a wholesome couple at a corner of the frozen floor. She recorded the elderly duo gliding gracefully over the ice, arm-in-arm within the borders marked by red cones. It was pretty evident the duo knew how to ice skate well enough and they seemed to perform some skating routine as onlookers witnessed them.

Image Source: TikTok | @petralitovic
Image Source: TikTok | @petralitovic

The video went viral, garnering nearly 26 million views on Litovic's TikTok and circulated on various social media profiles, including on the Instagram account of @pubity, where they called the video "a beautifully captured moment." As people's curiosity over the mysterious elderly ice skating duo grew, we eventually discovered the man's YouTube channel, where he has been posting about his beautiful moments on ice with his partner. The elderly man named László Gombos often skates with his partner Patai Mara on ice rinks in Budapest, Hungary.


A Hungarian news outlet, NLC, wrote about the duo as well. "The 76-year-old duo went out on the ice ten years ago once again. This went so well that since then, they have been skating and dancing every single day: sometimes a waltz, sometimes a paso drum dance. They do it not for the entertainment of others but only for themselves. It's a wonderful sight as they glide in perfect harmony and the world around them ceases to exist," an excerpt from the translated details about them read.


People on Instagram were blown away when they witnessed the loving video of the senior duo ice skating to their heart's content, where many seem to know the Hungarian man and woman. @zsideva wrote, "My grandparents met on the ice at the very same place 100 years ago by accidentally bumping into each other." @dylanwalterpinay jokingly stated, "They actually met in Grenoble, France, when they competed together in duet figure skating during the 1968 Winter Olympics." @benko_anita mentioned, "They are friends, Mara and Laszlo from Budapest, both 76. They loved skating as kids, stopped doing it for decades and then started again after they had retired. They are both widows and Laszlo is a cancer survivor."

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@loganrandazzo commented, "They are doing the Foxtrot. This is the sweetest thing ever and as a former professional figure skater, I nearly cried watching this!" Just like Gombos and Mara, another couple caught the attention of the internet and live audience when they started dancing to peppy music like no one was watching them at the mall's food court. u/RevolutionaryTell668 shared a video on Reddit that was recorded by a stranger who was one among the many audiences cheering for the couple's cool moves. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/RevolutionaryTell668
Image Source: Reddit | u/RevolutionaryTell668

Grooving to Paul Russel's song "Lil Boo Thang," the couple started a line dance and their infectious spirit made some strangers join in to match their steps as well. Not caring what the world would think about this candid performance, the couple seemed to enjoy the beat throughout. The senior citizens proved that age is just a number and youth is just an attitude. Another German couple named Dietmar and Nellia Ehrentraut (@nelliaswing) are defying the age restrictions with their jaw-dropping performance of the boogie-woogie dance style.

Nellia often shares some of their memories from various dance tournaments and parties on her Instagram where the adorable couple can be seen grooving zealously. Their passion for swing dance never lost its flame as they continued to rock the stage with the same exuberance. But little did they expect that they would become an internet sensation at this age as a video of the couple dancing in a tournament held at Landshut, Bavaria, in 2017 reached immense popularity where they performed to "Down the Road Apiece" by Johan Blohm and The Refreshments.


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