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Elderly couple sets relationship goals with adorable recreation of the 'Zootopia' 'love' montage

'Zootopia's' Nick and Judy have come alive in the real world through the wholesomeness of this Indian couple.

Elderly couple sets relationship goals with adorable recreation of the 'Zootopia' 'love' montage
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass

In a world where sadness and brutality prevail, an escape into the world of animated movies seems like a dream that must come true. Whether it is the world of “Monsters Inc.,” “Kung Fu Panda” or “Zootopia,” any of these fictional universes would make for a great reality to live in. And some people are actually living the Zootopian reality. In the land of all things mystical and spiritual, India, an elderly couple who is known to create wholesome social media content has gone viral for recreating the love montage between Nick and Judy in “Zootopia.” Posted on their Instagram page @_acha_mass, the couple nailed the recreation of the montage with their faces expressing exactly what Nick and Judy were like. With the best of nature in their background surroundings, the couple created this montage amidst muddy terrains, trees and a whole lot of love. 

Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass
Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass

Thulasidharan, 70, played the part of Nick extremely well with all his naughtiness and pride, leaving his 60-year-old Judy—known as Retnamma in real life—often irritated but all smiles. The video is split into two parts. One section shows the original montage from the film and the one below below showcases the recreation of the elderly couple. It begins with Nick’s tap on the screen and Judy jumping into the frame to hug Nick. She is then jokingly pushed away by Nick out of the frame. Then plays the montage of a collection of moments between Nick and Judy. Thulasidharan and Retnamma recreate it all with funny faces, adorable laughs and eyes sparkling with nothing but a lifetime kind of love between the two.

Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass
Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass

The video went viral and received 121 million views, with over 12 million likes and 78k comments on Instagram. Speaking to Onmanorama, Retnamma said: "We only did what our grandsons asked us to do, just like in all our reels. We have been getting some good responses for all our reels, but this was the first time we are hitting over a million as a couple."

The comment section of the video gushed about the charming affection between the two that came out so beautifully in the video. Many famous Indian influencers also commented on the video. Instagram user and influencer @thatindianchick_ said, “Who’s cutting onions here.” @youtubecreatorsindia said, “It's their world and we’re just living in it.” @ahappyyface said, “And isn’t this the most adorable thing I have come across today.” Influencer @thesaubhagyadixit said, “Manifesting a love story like this.” Another person found the love of the two elderly couple so adorable he wanted one just like it. @melon.tellis commented, “This is wholesome. This is the kind of love that I shall pray for.” 

Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass
Image Source: Instagram | @_acha_mass

“Zootopia” is a 2016 American Disney film about Judy, a rabbit who’s a newly appointed junior cop in the Zootopia Police Department. When Judy finds out something evil is going on in her town, it’s up to her to figure out what and how. She ends up taking the help of Nick, a red fox and a con artist, to solve the crime and in the process, the two develop the most beautiful and adorable friendship ever. The elderly couple shot to fame after this video and the internet can not stop sharing the viral video with all their loved ones to manifest a life just like them. A love story where when the hair turns grey and the face wrinkles down, you still find mischief in those aged eyes and warmth in the arms just like a child. We could all use that, couldn’t we?

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