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Elder brother hilariously returns the favor when younger sibling keeps stealing his things

The way this brother dealt with his younger sibling who refused to cooperate is hilarious and relatable.

Elder brother hilariously returns the favor when younger sibling keeps stealing his things
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio, Reddit | u/ArltheCrazy

If you are one of a pair of siblings or have seen a pair of siblings closely, you would have noticed how the younger one likes to take things owned by the older one. Sometimes, this exchange happens with permission and sometimes, without it. In a story posted on Reddit by u/ArltheCrazy, we get to see how a big brother dealt with his younger sibling who refused to cooperate in a hilarious and relatable manner.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jermaine Lewis
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jermaine Lewis

The older brother wrote this story like a flashback of sorts. He begins by saying that when he was 18 years old and his youngest brother was 12 years old, the latter would constantly steal things from his room. While "beg, borrow, steal" isn't new when it comes to siblings, this younger one would just constantly keep jumping to "steal." Multiple times, the older brother had told his younger brother to simply ask for his permission. Chances were that he'd never say no to his younger brother. However, being notorious and tearing up the older one's things or simply not returning them— that was the attitude the younger one was adopting. 

The older one expresses his frustration and says, "It was bad when I lived at home, but it got worse after I left for college." Now, when the older one came home for Thanksgiving, he noticed that a lot of his things were missing. To no surprise, he found the missing items in his little brother's room. So, he told the young boy to stop doing this and to just call and ask instead. The older one also warned him that if things kept going this way, there would be repercussions. However, when the older one came home for Christmas, more of these things were missing. So he did what any sane person would—he retaliated. When the younger one was at school, he went to his sibling's room and removed all the clothes from the wardrobe. He then proceeded to put his younger brother's clothes in a hall closet right outside his room.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Danya Gutan
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Danya Gutan

When the younger one went for a shower at night around 8:30 p.m., he yelled out, asking about his clothes. The older one stated, "He comes down to the living room with just a towel, freaking out because he can’t find any clothes." He adds, "I casually mention that I had warned him before and I had taken all of his clothes." This results in the younger one's screaming and freaking out. He eventually turns to their parents to side with him and makes the older one tell him where his clothes are. Unfortunately for the younger one, the parents were laughing too hard to do anything. The poster says, "Eventually, I reunited him with both his under and over garments and warned him that next time he would have to find them on his own if he continued to take my shit." As anyone would expect, the younger one started asking the older one before using his stuff.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Medical-Potato5920
Image Source: Reddit | u/Medical-Potato5920

People in the comments section also shared their own stories of such bonds. u/happy_freckles said, "I remember when my son was young and he was playing a game on Roblox. I used to go into the games also just to make sure everything was good. Anyway, he killed some player and stole his stuff. Twice. Then that guy came back and did the same thing to my son. And then did it again. And again. So my son started to cry, saying that it wasn't fair. So I sat him down and said he started it and if he didn't like it then the other kid wouldn't have liked it either. He needed to play fair and don't be a d***." Applauding the tactics of the older brother, u/JennyDsings said, "This is the exact perfect petty consequence! No actual harm nor foul was done and your parents were likely thankful that the lesson was learned by your brother without real and severe consequences. Glad you two are happy and thriving. Good story!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/JonesinforJonesey
Image Source: Reddit | u/JonesinforJonesey

The older one ended his story by taking some credit for how his younger brother turned out. Referring to the younger brother, he said, "He’s now an orthopedic surgeon and I’m pretty proud of him." He then joked, "You’re welcome, people of the world. Feel free to mail me my Nobel Peace Prize!" Noble prize or not, this sure was a wonderfully noble thing to do!

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