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Meet Aldo, Ecuador's 'first' dental assistant dog that comforts children during appointments

Aldo often hugs and snuggles children as they undergo dental treatment at the clinic. He helps reduce the stress of the patients.

Meet Aldo, Ecuador's 'first' dental assistant dog that comforts children during  appointments
Cover Image Source: Instagram/parquedental

Pictures of a dog named Aldo calming patients at a dental clinic will warm your heart. Aldo is a dentist's assistant dog in Ecuador and the first of his kind. And if you ask what he does? He emotionally supports children who come for their appointment at a clinic called Parque Dental. A Twitter page called, "WeRateDogs" posted his pictures and wrote, "He helps reduce their stress, increase their trust in the dentist, and reinforce their self-esteem." In the pictures, Aldo can be seen hugging and snuggling children who are undergoing their dental treatment.



The post went viral with more than 5000 retweets and about 52,000 likes. Many Twitter users wanted to book a dental appointment to be with Aldo. A user wrote, "I have already had my wisdom teeth removed but will have them put in and removed again if Aldo is there this time." Another user wrote, "I would so go to all my regular check-ups if Aldo was involved!" Another said, "All dentists should be required to have emotional support pups!!"



Users also had questions like, "Question is, who comforts Aldo when he has to go to the dentist?" The Twitter page replied that they "volunteer" and another user asked, "Why doesn't every dentist's office have a dental assistant dog?" A similar post about Aldo was updated on Instagram and received more than 2,50,000 likes. It was captioned, "This is Aldo. He is Ecuador’s first dental assistant dog. He's been trained as an emotional support dog with special skills that allow him to interact with children, and even stay with them during their appointment. He helps reduce their stress and anxiety, improve their concentration and communication, reinforce their self-esteem, and even increase their trust in the dentist.



In another story about a helpful dog, Lucy loved her owners' twins so much that she made sure to lend a hand. Her owner Josh said, “With all the tricks that I had trained Lucy over the years, we figured that we could put them into action.” And the results are evident in the Tiktok video that the father uploaded. In the sweet video, Josh asks Lucy to get clothes for Lenon and she brings them without any hesitation. Then he asks her to bring a diaper and then the trolley, Lucy brings the diaper and then drags the trolley with her mouth. Later, he asks her to get a thermometer, and she goes to the next room to get it. In the end, he thanks her and says, "We wouldn't have done it without you, baby girl."



The video starts with the text, "In case you haven't met her yet, this is Lucy. Recently she became a big sister to twin girls Lily and Lennon. After 7 years together, we feared she would feel forgotten..or lost, when the girls arrived." It continues, "So when the girls arrived, we made sure she was involved in every way possible. And this happened. She became my girls' guardian she's always been ours. And that's a torch I don't mind passing on." The video has more than 50,000 views and 7000 likes.



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