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Eco-conscious bride-to-be shares genius zero waste 'save the date' cards and the internet loves it

Instead of investing in save-the-date magnets, this bride-to-be is opting for biodegradable alternatives for her wedding.

Eco-conscious bride-to-be shares genius zero waste 'save the date' cards and the internet loves it
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas

Every ceremony and occasion which requires a gathering creates a lot of waste, but this bride-to-be is not willing to contribute to it. She has found a genius way to be mindful of the environment while celebrating her love by using a special type of save-the-date invite for her guests. Natalia, who goes by @quadzillas on TikTok, went viral with close to a million views on one of her videos after showing her audience the kind of save-the-date cards she is using for her nuptials. Natalia's wedding invites will not only be cost-efficient but also prove to be harmless for the environment if it's discarded later.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Leeloo Thefirst
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Leeloo Thefirst

Natalia, being eco-conscious, has opted to get a bunch of biodegradable invitation cards to hand over to her guests. "Okay, I want people to steal this idea. This is why I’m telling you about it," she says in the video."You know, like, if you do save the dates that are magnets, basically like 200 magnets with you and your fiancé’s face end up like sitting in a landfill somewhere until the end of time." Since wedding invites are usually discarded after the ceremony is over, Natalia made a valid point about the magnets that are very likely to end up as non-biodegradable trash.

Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas
Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas

"Well, I was trying to avoid all that, so I actually found this woman on Etsy who works with a deaf woman who prints out plantable save-the-dates," she says and then holds up a postcard-sized save-the-date card with a shimmering motif on it. Natalia claimed that she loved the way it turned out. The cards feature a cute beach-themed image on the front and a drawing of the couple on the back but all the wedding details are made with biodegradable ink and glitter.

She also shows a message jotted down at the bottom of the postcard-styled invite which lets the people know that if they plant the paper in the soil it will bloom into yellow marigolds. Natalia's decision to ditch a traditional style wedding invite was actually a great idea since traditional invitation cards are often made from acrylic and magnets are made of metals which aren't always recyclable. Her purchase from a small business on Etsy not only supported the business owner but also worked in favor of protecting the environment from some additional trash.

Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas
Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas

According to a report by Conserve Energy Future, magnets cannot be broken down by microorganisms and they take about a century to get broken down into smaller pieces. So just like Natalie joked, her and her fiance's faces will indeed stay in some landfill forever. Even though her video's caption stated that her mother is not fond of the non-traditional wedding invite idea, the TikTok community loved the idea of using biodegradable save-the-date cards.

Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas
Image Source: TikTok | @quadzillas

@queen_treen620 wrote, "I keep magnet save the dates forever on the drink fridge. I have some people that are featured more than once." @laurenelizabeth2388 quipped, "Such a good idea! My vet did that when they sent me a card after my dog's passing. You think of your dog when they bloom every year." @oddballbrothers commented, "I did this too! No one shared my excitement but I was happy about it and they had character. So cute!" @pi_in_the_sky1 added, "That is a great idea and you can grow the extras in planters to use as part of your centerpieces." Hopefully supporting small businesses as well as opting for biodegradable wedding invites becomes a norm soon enough.

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