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Dying Mom, who loves deers, can't contain joy as daughter surprises her with a visit from 'Bambi'

Lisa McDonald knew her mother's condition was deteriorating fast and knew what would cheer her up.

Dying Mom, who loves deers, can't contain joy as daughter surprises her with a visit from 'Bambi'
Image source: Facebook/ groups/515507852491119

An elderly woman who loves Bambi got the surprise of her life as her children brought a real-life deer into her palliative care room to cheer her up. Lisa McDonald knew her mother's condition was deteriorating and deteriorating fast. She wanted to help cheer her Mom and knew just what to do to cheer up her deer-obsessive mother. Lisa McDonald couldn't help but smile as she watched her Mom's reaction. Her mother's face lit up the moment she saw the deer. She had eyes only for the deer and reached out with her hand to touch the fawn. Lisa McDonald, who cares for her mother along with her sister, shared the images and the tearjerking video to a Facebook group where it went viral.  

Lisa knew her Mom loves Bambi and so much, she wears Bambi T-shirts and even has Bambi statues. Her love for Bambi also extends to deers, which she believes are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. "She has Bambi statues everywhere, she is wearing a Bambi T-shirt in her bed and will be cremated in one too,' wrote Lisa in the post. "My sister and I and the rest of the family that is supporting us are also wearing Bambi T-shirts... we are calling them our nursing uniforms."

She know it would cheer her mother up but her Mom's reaction was so surreal, especially given her condition. After deciding on the idea, McDonald and her sister found a couple nearby who owned a petting zoo near their home in Melbourne. They contacted Chris and Simone via Facebook and enquired if there was any way they could get a deer to their mother's palliative care room. Being the nice people they are, they immediately drove out with the animal. “Mum deteriorated quickly today and Simone and Chris didn’t hesitate… they drove two and a half hours to bring Bambi to meet mum,” Lisa told The Daily Mail. “Out of pure love and kindness. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my mum and my family.”


People were moved by the post and by the woman's love for deers. "Brought me to tears. What a special and touching moment. Absolutely beautiful people to drive all that way for your mum to experience something so magical before she passes,' one woman wrote. Another added, "This is so beautiful. She would have absolutely loved this so much. You can see it in her eyes how much joy it brought to her. Bless them, and bless you and your beautiful Mum." Many lauded the woman for arranging for her mother to meet the deer. "She has certainly raised two beautiful daughters with such dedication," another wrote.

Animals can do wonders to help cheer up people and alleviate their stress and pain. Many establishments even employ friendly therapy animals to help patients. Animal therapy is often used as a form of alternative therapy and never as a replacement for other treatments. It helps people cope with stress. In the case of Lisa McDonald's mother, her attachment to deers laid the foundation for that beautiful moment and the way her face lit up on seeing the fawn is a testament to the love she has for animals and deers in particular.

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