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Dwayne Wade shares his hack to being the imperfectly perfect parent: 'Showing up is half the battle'

Having accomplished much in his journey as an NBA sports star, the recently inducted Hall of Famer shared how he balances being a star at basketball and parenting with just one parenting hack.

Dwayne Wade shares his hack to being the imperfectly perfect parent: 'Showing up is half the battle'
Cover Image Source- Dwyane Wade with his wife, Gabrielle Union, nephew, Dahveon Morris, and children, Kaavia James Union Wade, Zaire Wade, Xavier Wade and Zion Wade on April 09, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Parenting is a crucial concept involving so much. The minute you learn that you’re going to be a parent, the hustle begins. Among all the books, shows, quotes, classes and more, everyone is out there to be the ‘perfect’ parent to their children. Sometimes, books and long lessons don’t help as much as having one core principle. Sometimes, all it takes is one idea that you adopt, believe and persist in.

Dwayne Wade is known for his game on the court but apart from that, the sports star prioritizes his identity as a father to his four children; Kaavia James Union Wade, Zaire Wade, Xavier Wade and Zion Wade and a legal guardian to his nephew, Dahveon Morris. In an interview with CNBC in August 2023, he shared his simple hack to ace parenting. 

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS - AUGUST 12: Dahveon Morris, Jolinda Wade, Zaya Wade, 2023 inductee Dwyane Wade, Kaavia James Wade, Gabrielle Union and Zaire Wade attend the 2023 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Image Source- Dwayne Wade with his family on August 12, 2023 in Springfield, Massachusetts. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Image Source- Dwayne Wade with his family at the  2023 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Induction at Symphony Hall on August 12, 2023 in Springfield, Massachusetts. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Dwayne offered one straightforward practice that he lives by as a parent. “I try to show up for everybody and my kids. I show up in moments that I know are important to them” he said. Being there for you child matters more than all the gifts and facilities you can provide. Dwayne points out that it is your presence that makes all the difference in your child’s life.

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Now showing up in its authentic sense means being there. Be it a recital, first day at kindergarten, your child’s match or anything else for that matter. In the interview, the NBA star elaborated on his principle of “showing up” by saying: “I show up by listening sometimes. Just shutting my mouth, taking a drive.”

Dr. Tovah Klein, a child psychologist, is all for this parenting mantra. "The quality of the time you spend with your kids matters more than the quantity - and it’s the single biggest catalyst for your child’s development and future success," Klein shared with CNBC earlier this year. Children need to know you’re there for them and that you hear them, even if it’s about how they managed to dress themselves up or about a secret they need to confide in someone. Your kids have so much to say and if you only sit and listen, half your work is complete.

“Showing up is half the battle. If I just show up and sit around Zaya [Dwayne’s daughter] for a couple of hours, she gon’ tell me everything I need to know. Because you’re there and you’re present, and it’s important,” Dwayne revealed.

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In an earlier interview with Fatherly, the sports star expressed how he developed his parenting skills from his father. He focused on the idea of loving his children and making his decisions based on prioritizing them. That's the trick. Is it easy? Will it make you the perfect parent? No. The athlete himself admitted: “I think I have my good moments [and] I have my not so good moments, like all parents.”

It is a complex process and there’s no way to be perfect and flawless. However, it is being imperfectly perfect to your kids that gets you the star badge here. As Dwayne shared in the interview, even with his public and professional life, he has made it a point to show up and balance both, family and career. The evidence is his Hall of Fame title among others that he proudly holds alongside his family. It is the simple everyday activities that you can make meaningful memories for your child as a parent. Be it laundry, a drive, making breakfast, the walk to the bus stop and more. Make every moment count!

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