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Drew Barrymore and Pink talk parenting and assure us that it's okay to not be in control of everything

Pink said children will be fine as they can learn from their parents' experiences and the key is to have open conversations about life.

Drew Barrymore and Pink talk parenting and assure us that it's okay to not be in control of everything
Image Source: YouTube/The Drew Barrymore Show

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 1, 2023. It has since been updated.

Parenting is a challenging and demanding job that requires constant attention and care. As children grow and develop, their needs and behaviors change, making it necessary for parents to adjust their parenting strategies. Additionally, the increasing pressures of modern life, such as work and financial stress, can add to the difficulty of parenting. Despite the challenges, many parents find the experience rewarding and fulfilling. Actress Drew Barrymore and musician Pink discussed parenting during a segment of Barrymore's talk show, "The Drew Barrymore Show," on February 27, reported Pop Sugar. The topic revolved around preventing kids from repeating the same mistakes their parents have made.



Barrymore posed the question to Pink, referencing her own past, asking, "What can I tell myself when I'm afraid my kids will do some of the stuff I did?" Pink's response was to focus on the fact that they had made it through their difficult pasts, saying, "We made terrible decisions," but they still managed to succeed. She also mentioned that their children could learn from their knowledge while still developing their own. Pink shared that for her family, the real challenge was finding a balance between preserving childhood innocence and preparing children for the harsh realities of the world.

"We go to Disneyland, we eat ice cream, and we talk about our feelings," Pink said. Barrymore added that she still worries about the hardships her children may face, despite her best efforts. Pink sympathized with Barrymore's anxiety, saying that even though she didn't have a surefire remedy for it, it is common among parents. "None of us know anything about what we're doing," Pink laughed. However, both agreed that creating their own blueprint for parenting had been a rewarding experience. Barrymore described motherhood as "the most healing, wonderful thing" she has ever done, while Pink reflected on the joy of seeing her child come into the world untouched by the world. "I was like, 'Oh that's how we start. That's who we are,'" Pink said.


Barrymore, known for her tumultuous upbringing, inquired Pink about how to handle her concerns over her children's potential behavior, stating, "What can I tell myself when I'm afraid my kids will do some of the stuff I did?" In response, the "Trustfall" vocalist quipped, "That Xanax is available?" before adding, "I mean, we made it! Why did we make it; we made terrible decisions!" Putting the humor aside, Pink stated, "The kids will be okay. They can benefit from our experience, but they will also learn from their own."

She continued, "We engage in candid discussions about life, and I'm attempting to find a balance. On one hand, I want you to experience a carefree childhood and retain some of your naivete. However, I am aware that you must also be equipped for the realities of our society. I hate to be pessimistic, but our children are participating in active shooter drills at school. This is the world we inhabit, and they must be ready." Pausing to collect her thoughts, the musician who has won a Grammy admitted, "So we have fun outings like going to Disneyland, enjoying ice cream, and also communicating our emotions." 

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