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Kid who lives for drama does his own slow-motion replay while playing baseball

'Well he's too young to be on drugs but something's wrong with this kid. We haven't figured it out yet Peter,' a commentator says in the adorable video.

Kid who lives for drama does his own slow-motion replay while playing baseball
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/mindyour

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 17, 2023. It has since been updated.

It is hard to direct kids when it comes to them performing on stage or playing on the field. They have their own rules and walk around wherever they want to. In a hilarious video posted on Reddit by u/mindyour, in the middle of a baseball game, a child can be seen doing his own instant playback on the pitch in slow motion.

Meanwhile, the commentator provides hilarious commentary to the child's antics by saying: "Well he's too young to be on drugs but something's wrong with this kid. We haven't figured it out yet Peter. Rounding 3rd meanwhile, the 3rd base coach is on his f***g cell phone. This game has been a disaster. The score is 27-3 and none of these kids can play a lick of baseball, the ball is shooting infield right now. It's been touched by every single player."

Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

Although a coach tries to instruct the little boy, the young player pays no heed and continues to perform his slow-motion show. As he reaches the other side of the pitch, the commentator says, "No threat of being thrown out at home. But he's safe now." 

The video has gained more than 22k upvotes and is captioned, "He's doing his own instant playback in slow motion." Many found the child's actions adorable. u/Banana_Rama_Pajama commented, "Lol, he pushed the coach off. I'm doing a thing, Richard! Get off!" u/Secunda_Son pointed out, "They're little kids. You just put them out on the field with some equipment and let them do whatever. When I coach soccer we are lucky if the kids just run toward the right goal."

u/BollyWood401 noted, "My favorite part is when the kid on 3rd base starts mimicking the slo-mo kid." u/Sparkledotcom wrote, "One time my kid got bored in the outfield so started running bases when the other team had a hit. Nobody cared, because it was t ball and the kids are just having fun. People worried about rules in t ball need to get a grip."

Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour
Image Source: Reddit/u/mindyour

Talking about kids, in another similar story, a child who was playing a sheep in the Christmas play decided to take the story in a different direction by picking up the doll representing baby Jesus from the crib. A video that tickled many online shows the child then rocking the doll and playing with it. That's when another child—portraying Mary, the mother of Jesus—comes into the picture and tries to take the doll from her and put it back in the crib.

Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden
Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden

However, she is unsuccessful in her attempt, as the kid in the adorable sheep costume picks it up again and cuddles it. Toward the end of the video, Mary makes one more attempt to snatch the doll from the kid, which ends up in a scuffle.

Meanwhile, the audience was laughing in the background. The video was uploaded on Twitter. Many just loved the kids' rendition of the play. One said, "When Mary went all out gangsta on one of the sheep!" Another commented, "The children were having fun and the audience was too... so why did the lady have to step in and ruin everybody's good time." A third wrote: "Cute! Surprised the whole set didn't come crashing down towards the end."

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