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Dramatic horse plays dead every time someone tries to mount him and he's a whole mood

Too smart for his own, this naughty steed came up with an amusing technique to keep riders off his back.

Dramatic horse plays dead every time someone tries to mount him and he's a whole mood
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Kritter Klub

No self-respecting human would enjoy being brought down by someone else, would they? How miserable would we be if we had someone pushing us down all the time and trying to control our every move and action? If it were me, I doubt I'd even last a day before reaching my breaking point. Call it self-respect or knowing one's worth, we find joy in living independent lives and as it turns out, so does a horse named Jingang who has become a viral star with his dramatic antics. Too smart for his own, this naughty steed came up with an amusing technique to keep riders off his back.

Image Source: YouTube/Kritter Klub

Every time someone attempts to mount him, Jingang immediately drops to the ground and plays dead with such conviction that I wouldn't be surprised if he bagged an honorary Oscar. Ever since his cheeky antics were posted online, netizens have been head over heels in love with the rebellious Jingang. Since September, the viral video has been viewed over 3,251,400 times on YouTube with several fans of the smart horse sharing it to other social media platforms as well. What is it about this horse that makes him so impressive? Allow me to elaborate.

You see, a true thespian stands out from the rest with the conviction and attention to detail they display. Once they've committed to a role, they entirely surrender themselves to the character, doing whatever it takes to make the performance as convincing as possible. Although born a horse, Jingang has all the makings of a Hollywood legend. While simply falling to the ground would've sufficed while playing dead, this master of theatrics goes the extra mile with a few subtle touches that are simply mindblowing. For example, look at his tongue here:

Image Source: YouTube/Kritter Klub

If that isn't a sure shot sign of a dead animal, I don't know what is. Sometimes Jingang also sticks his legs in the air for good measure and come on, how can you argue with that? That's clearly a dead horse. I can almost hear him saying, "Move on, nothing to see here." Just as the disappointed rider who'd hoped to take Jingang out for a spin walks away from the "dead" steed, the smart animal promptly jumps back onto his feet as though having miraculously drawn life from Mother Earth. Although a rebel, the horse has won over the hearts of his caretakers who can't help but call his behavior "cute but naughty."


Unsurprisingly, Jingang's ingenious reaction has the internet thoroughly impressed with many netizens gushing about how relatable he is. Can’t blame him. If I was a horse I wouldn’t like someone sitting on me and telling me what to do, commented YouTube user Jenni Kaasinen. Shirl Epps wrote: This horse "Struck a Pose" then he "Break Danced," then he "Smiled for the Camera." Disney needs to check this fella out! He has the "Skills to pay the Bills!" Praising Jingang's ingenious idea, Raymond C commented: He's not lazy. Here's smart. Why carry such a heavy load when you can get away with it.

While he is undoubtedly a talented horse, Jingang isn't the first animal to play dead to get out of work. According to ABC News, a few years ago, a pony named Pinto went viral for pulling a similar stunt. Posting a video of the animal in action, Pinto's Texas-based owner revealed that she filmed the video after electrical contractors in her area called to tell her she had a dead horse in her pasture. "Sir, my horse ain't dead. He plays possum. But, I'm coming, give me a minute, please," she wrote of her reply to the concerned contractors. Am I the only one wondering whether this is a sign of horses preparing to take over the world?

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