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Dr. Fauci assuring a little girl that the Tooth Fairy can't catch the virus is the cutest thing ever

The 79-year-old proved himself to be great with kids during an appearance on Will Smith's Snapchat talk show series 'Will From Home.'

Dr. Fauci assuring a little girl that the Tooth Fairy can't catch the virus is the cutest thing ever
Image Source: Snap Stories

As it turns out, adults aren't the only ones losing their sleep during these pandemic days. Kids, whom we've foolishly underestimated time and time again, are just as concerned about everything happening in the world these days—albeit for different reasons. Thankfully, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who's become a source of comfort for hyperventilating adults wringing their hands over the state of the economy—and, of course, the fact that there's an actual virus that's killing people out there—is just as skilled at putting their young minds to rest with his reassuring voice.


The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recently took it upon himself to answer the pressing questions of young Americans and it was all kinds of adorable. The 79-year-old proved himself to be great with kids during his appearance on Will Smith's Snapchat talk show series Will From Home during which he was questioned on everything from the risks of going on walks to the Tooth Fairy's chances of getting infected. Dr. Fauci took it all in stride, patiently answering their questions with all the seriousness of a White House briefing.


Our most favorite of Dr. Fauci's interviewers was a 7-year-old girl named Ava who simply had to know how the virus outbreak would affect her chances of receiving a visit from the Tooth Fairy. "Can the tooth fairy still come if I lose my tooth because of coronavirus and can she catch the virus?" the little one asked. "I gotta tell you, Ava," Dr. Fauci replied. "I don't think you need to worry about the tooth fairy. So when your tooth [falls] out, you stick it under the pillow and I'll guarantee you that that Tooth Fairy is not going to get infected and is not going to get sick."


According to Good Morning America, when asked if it was safe to go outside for a walk, Dr. Fauci reassured the young callers that they didn't have to worry about it as long as they maintain a six feet distance from each other. One girl posed a heavy question to the immunologist, asking his take on whether the current situation would end any time soon or whether this will be their reality for years to come. "When we have a vaccine and we have enough baseline immunity, this is something you’re not going to have to worry about for the rest of your life. It's tough now and it may be tough for another year. But this is something that will go away. I promise you," he replied.


Dr. Fauci also spoke to Smith about the pandemic, answering the celeb's question about the disproportionate way in which African Americans have been affected by the virus. "There's been a predominance in the African American community. Is there a comprehension as to why that is?" the celeb asked. Dr. Fauci replied: "Yes, there is, Will. And it's—as is all situations—associated with the disparities of health in the minorities, particularly, the African American community. And it's really terrible because it's just... one of the failings of our society is that African Americans have a disproportionate prevalence and incidents of the very comorbid conditions that put you high risk. Obesity, diabetes, if you get infected, you're going to have a poor outcome. When it's all over, [it's important] to focus a bright shining light what disparities of health mean." 


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