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Doting elderly husband learns how to blow dry his wife's hair for a very special reason

This devoted husband got hair styling lessons from a hair salon owner so he could learn how to do his wife's hair.

Doting elderly husband learns how to blow dry his wife's hair for a very special reason
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @happyhairhouse

Marriage is about more than just exchanging rings and taking vows. A marital union is all about standing by your spouse through thick and thin and helping them when they need it the most. This elderly couple from a viral Instagram video is a shining example of what true love actually looks like. The Instagram page of @happyhairhouse, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based hair salon run by a woman named Mariah, shared a lovely video of an elderly gentleman accompanying his wife to the salon for a special reason.

Image Source: Instagram | @happyhairhouse
Image Source: Instagram | @happyhairhouse

The text overlay on the video explains the heartwarming story behind the couple's salon visit. The wife is a client of the hair salon and can be seen getting her hair blow-dried by Mariah who is also instructing the elderly man on how to style his wife's hair. Mariah continues to say something to the husband that is inaudible to the audience but it is clear that the elderly gentleman is learning his hair styling lessons eagerly.

Mariah uses an appropriate brush​ to divide his wife's hair into portions and blow dry each section. Following her demonstration, Mariah hands over the instruments to her client's adoring husband so he could give it a go. The man's wife "lost muscle function in both her arms," according to the text overlay on the video. She could no longer hold up a brush or blow dryer. She had gradually lost the ability to style her hair. Luckily, her wonderful husband was prepared to take on a new role that was undoubtedly quite unfamiliar and unusual to him. "He is so sweet," the text overlay added. "He just wants her to feel beautiful."

Image Source: Instagram | @happyhairhouse
Image Source: Instagram | @happyhairhouse

Social media users were not only impressed by the husband's quick learning skills but they also appreciated the love and devotion he had for his wife. @manic599 gushed, "I love how you actually teach. I know people who would just say to leave it to the professional. Keep taking them to the salon or wherever. It is important to teach care to make a home life easier. That's the sign of a good professional." @awesome.andrea applauded, "The embodiment of marriage vows." @toptierbrit_ wrote, "This is the form of intimacy I look for in a husband. He’s taking his time with her in sickness and mastering it."

@missdiamondface quipped, "One of the luxuries of having your own business; is you can run it how you like! You being able to help him help her is such a beautiful moment and I’m sure this is going to be an outlet for them to bond, just how we do when they’re sitting in our chairs." @mediderma.nursekelly added, "So sweet. Like my friend’s mom who lost her vision. She was always done up to the nines! He learned to do her hair and makeup to help her feel her best." @savvy85 commented, "Just wonderful! And I actually think he’s going to enjoy doing this for her. My hubby gets excited learning how to do our daughter's hair so could imagine it’s similar."

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However, these aren't the only folks who are setting "couple goals" for every generation out there. Another elderly couple of three decades made headlines after they started expressing their love through music when verbal communication became difficult. Cyrus McNinch, 96 and Gerry McNinch, 101, live in separate care levels at Provision Living, a senior living home, but come together every Friday for "date mornings." It's a special time for the couple, who look forward to the music session every week.

While 96-year-old Cyrus struggles to find the words and can't always speak a full conversation he often sings a whole song to Gerry according to his music therapists. "Giving them that opportunity through music they love and have loved for decades," said Ashley Sherwood, Emmanuel Hospice's music therapy intern, per WZZM13 "To do so is just something really unique and special to be a part of." These couples are living proof that true love overcomes every hurdle in life.


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