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DoorDashers get to pick their orders. If you don't tip, your food's probably going cold.

A DoorDash driver explained why certain orders take longer to get picked up: because customers do not tip.

DoorDashers get to pick their orders. If you don't tip, your food's probably going cold.
Image Source: DoorDash / Facebook

In a now-viral TikTok video, one user who delivers orders via DoorDash got real about customers who do not tip. J, who goes by Jhordanthemodel on the platform, reveals a "whole section dedicated to people who do not tip" at a McDonald's. As she explains in the clip, drivers get to choose which orders to pick up. Therefore, an order belonging to a customer who does not tip is simply left out, going cold, until a DoorDasher decides to deliver it. The TikTok video has sparked a debate about whether platform workers deserve a tip, with many customers claiming tips are solely for "good service," Bored Panda reports.


"I’ve been dashing for almost two years now," J shared in an interview with the media outlet. "My waitressing job closed down all of their locations when COVID hit, so I decided to start dashing as a quick way to make money while I looked for another job. But, I realized how much I actually liked dashing, and I liked the money I was making so I stuck with it. It was a nice, flexible job to have while in college (I just graduated last fall)." From her experience, there are more customers who do tip on DoorDash than those who do not.


She noted, "Other Dashers may have a different experience because some areas aren’t as busy as others." However, J mentions in her TikTok that delivery executives are not obligated to deliver your order if they do not wish to. "Once again, just letting it be known, you don't have to tip," she states in the video. "You're not obligated to tip. We are also not obligated to take your order because we are independent contractors who do not work for DoorDash, the company. We're our own bosses. So just keep that in mind." Of course, her statements have sparked an intense debate online.


One TikTok user even posted a video in response. "First of all, tipping is [for] satisfactory service," she claims. "That means, if I'm satisfied with how you bring me my food, I'm going to tip you, period. No one is obligated to give you a tip when they don't know how they're going to receive their food. When I'm at a restaurant, I don't tip the [staff] before the service. I tip the [staff] after the service because I need to know, and I need to see how you perform on your service, and if I'm satisfied with the service."


DoorDash has since clarified that the total earnings a Dasher makes off of an order consist of base pay, promotions and tips. The base pay is DoorDash’s base contribution for each order. It usually ranges from $2 to over $10 depending on the estimated time, distance, and desirability of the order. Deliveries that require Dashers to travel a longer distance, that are expected to take more time, and that are less popular with Dashers have a higher base pay. If Dashers are not interested in a specific order, the base pay for it increases every time a driver declines it. Therefore, the earnings will eventually be high enough for a driver to pick it up. Nonetheless, until that happens, an order is just sitting there. A spokeswoman for DoorDash affirmed in a statement, "We’re proud of the flexible earning opportunities we provide, with Dashers making on average over $25 per hour they’re on a delivery. We are actively looking into the issues raised in this video and will take appropriate action as we learn more."


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