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DoorDash launches new policy asking customers to leave a tip or expect late delivery, sparks debate

Doordash is making tipping a subtle compulsion by warning users that their orders may arrive late without a tip.

DoorDash launches new policy asking customers to leave a tip or expect late delivery, sparks debate
Cover Image Source: Facebook| DoorDash

Many are well aware of the tipping culture prevalent across the world to show appreciation to delivery employees. While the same was created as an incentive and to show appreciation, DoorDash is on the run to make it an indirect compulsion. The company shared the news that if one doesn’t tip the delivery person on DoorDash, their delivery will take longer than usual, per The Verge. A deleted tweet confirmed the same and the topic has become a controversial debate among many. The tweet confirmed that if the tip is $0 while placing an order, DoorDash warns customers about having their order delivered later.


The press release from DoorDash read, “When consumers choose to add their custom tip instead of using one of our suggested default amounts, we let them know that tips can help motivate a Dasher to quickly accept their order. If a consumer chooses to not leave a tip, we also let them know that their order may take longer to be accepted as a result.” They also added, “This is because, as independent contractors, Dashers have full freedom to accept or reject offers based on what they view as valuable and rewarding. When consumers leave a tip, Dashers are more likely to accept their order because of the value they find in it.”

Image Source: Doordash
Image Source: DoorDash

The warning reads something along the lines, “Orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered—are you sure you want to continue?” The idea is to convince customers that the company is taking a profit-oriented approach and giving preference to orders with a tip. DoorDash spokesperson Jenn Rosenberg said, “The prompt is something that we’re currently testing to help create the best possible experience for all members of our community.”


The basic procedure is that orders with a tip are likely to be picked up quicker by Doordash drivers, considering the value it holds for the driver itself. There has been a debate on the topic and several experts and customers are sharing their opinions. Steve Orestein, a CEO, shared his input in an interview with The E-Commerce report saying, “It’s interesting in a way. You want to make sure that drivers are remunerated for the delivery. If not, you’re likely to have a poor delivery experience. In my opinion, they’re doing the right thing here.”

Others have expressed their grievances about being forced to pay. Though the app allows customers to choose whether to tip or not, the fact that their delivery experience is affected makes it a subtle enforcement to pay tips. @legoanprince posted on Twitter saying, “Not DoorDash now warning customers that orders without a tip may take longer to be delivered. So now y'all are resorting to transactional blackmail! I don’t even use DoorDash or Uber Eats services, but this is crazy. Service workers need to pick a different field; nobody has to tip you.” @Humanbyproxy said, “When using services like DoorDash or Grubhub, tips are no longer something provided after a service is well done. Tips are bids for services to be potentially rendered.”


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