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Trump & Melania don't know how to hand out Halloween candy - is that an impeachable offense?

The First Couple was super awkward when it came to handing out Halloween candy to White House trick-or-treaters and many have wondered, yet again, if they're actually robots.

Trump & Melania don't know how to hand out Halloween candy - is that an impeachable offense?

The White House recently celebrated Halloween ahead of the spooky holiday. In accordance with the festival of frights, the east wing side of the White House was all decked up in spooky Halloween decor. Many believe First Lady Melania Trump simply reused some of her leftover Christmas decorations from the year before. Trick-or-treaters, that is, children of military families as well as local elementary school students eagerly awaited their chance to grab a chocolate or two from the First Couple for over an hour in a line that stretched to the east wing side of the White House, winding through the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, TIME Magazine reports. However, what many children came to find was that both United States President Donald Trump and his wife Melania are, in fact, super weird. 




In a video that has gone viral since it was first recorded by Sky News and then posted to social media platform Twitter, Donald Trump is seen handing a giant chocolate bar to a child dressed up as a Minion from the Despicable Me movie franchise. But instead of, you know, placing it in the child's candy bucket like a normal parent would or even handing it to the child in his Minion gloved hand, he chose to just PLACE IT ON TOP OF HIS MINION HEAD. Melania followed suit and the couple shared a weird evil chuckle together. Sadly, this meant the child could not reach the chocolate bar (he had T-rex arms). The video displays the poor child swiveling around all confused until they just give up leave. This has to be an impeachable offense, right? Someone, please add this to the constitution. Thankfully, an adult - an actual adult, not the Trump kind - was around so they could pick up the chocolate and give it to the trick-or-treater. We really don't know what the Trumps were thinking but their inner CPUs were probably reading, "Error. Error. Error." The moment has, of course, been ridiculed by many Twitter users.


One Twitter user posted, "First Addams Family at White House trick-or-treat event. Trump is patting the Minion trick-or-treater with candy and then placing it on a kid’s head. Trump should dress up as a moron for Halloween!" Another added, "Trump mocks a Minion while keeping promised rewards out of reach. It’s almost like this is a metaphor or something." How accurate! Nonetheless, this was not the only snub the First Couple was a part of. As they "tricked" the poor child, another dressed up in a Spiderman costume was right next to the Minion. While Melania and Donald pranked the Minion, they decided to completely ignore cute little Spiderman. Perhaps this is better than having a chocolate bar placed on your head, anyway. Listen, we don't know who was put in charge of manufacturing the Trump robots, but someone needs to let the lead engineer know that they're malfunctioning just a little bit.


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