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Domino's employee breaks down over not being tipped after standing in rain for 5 minutes

One of the food delivery drivers pleaded with people to tip while pointing fingers at corporations of exploiting workers and the consumer.

Domino's employee breaks down over not being tipped after standing in rain for 5 minutes

The majority of the hospitality industry relies heavily on tips to compensate for the poor wages they pay their employees. One delivery worker who was forced to rely on tips broke down after he wasn't tipped by a customer despite having to wait more than five minutes in the rain with an order. The Domino's employee screamed he didn't want to work at the pizza delivery place after the customer refused to tip him. The video was posted by TikTok user showed an employee arguing with a customer who failed to tip him, reported Daily Star. The video is heartbreaking to watch and is yet another reminder of the day-to-day reality of waiters and delivery drivers, who are forced to rely on tips from customers to make ends meet. Capitalism will do everything but pay a living wage.


"I don’t want to work here anymore!" he can be heard screaming in the video, at the takeaway shop. A person appears to be filming the video from inside the takeaway. He finds it amusing that the man is angry and can be heard laughing, and asking the driver to "calm down." The Domino's employee is at his wits end after he hasn't been tipped for the service. "Five minutes!" he yells. "Five minutes out there in the rain, and no tip? No tip?" The man is furious and punches a stack of empty pizza boxes beside him. "Holy sh*t," the guy behind the camera can be heard saying in response to watching him swing out at the pizza boxes. 


It opened the debate about whether customers, who can't afford to tip, should order food while many explained why not tipping is okay. "I literally can’t comprehend how people don’t tip. If you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to eat out or order food. Period, wrote one user," according to the outlet. Another person commented, "I forgot to tip my driver one time I called back to get him to come back and tipped him $40 on a $17 order because he had to come back." Some people said they didn't like the idea of going to places where they were expected to tip. "I avoid places where they expect a tip. It’s awkward and I’m paying for a service or product already." It ultimately comes down to the hospitality industry pushing the responsibility of paying a living wage onto the customers as opposed to paying it themselves. The reality is that the hospitality industry severely exploits its workers and it's important to tip to support their livelihoods. 

The TikTok user who uploaded the video explained that the employee's frustration wasn't just about not being tipped but rather about the customer's indifference towards the extra effort he had put. He went to explain that the customer could have at least apologized for making him wait in the rain or even tipped him just a dollar. It's the indifference towards the employees that got him angry. Another TikToker Riley Elliot, who's a delivery driver for companies like DoorDash and UberEats, opened up about an incident where he ended up paying for the delivery instead of getting the tips to cover his trip. Elliot said he had "just spent the last 45 minutes on a delivery and had to pay $3 for parking" as there was no free parking in the area after the customer had refused to come out and get their food. "They tipped me $1.50 and Uber paid me $2.50," said Elliot, before adding that the unstable nature of his work meant he was on the brink of homelessness. 


He urged people to tip others so workers could put a roof over their heads and just survive. "It doesn’t matter that I’m working multiple jobs, it doesn’t matter that I rarely sleep and can barely afford to feed myself," he said, adding, "all because people don’t tip their delivery drivers." He also reminded his followers that these workers were risking their lives during the pandemic just so most of the people could stay indoors." Many people donated money and helped him pay his bills and move into a home.



The hospitality industry and the gig economy are peak examples of the failure of capitalism, which only appears to make the rich richer by exploiting workers. It is "not entirely the fault of people who don’t tip. It is absolutely the fault of these companies like DoorDash and Uber who don’t pay their drivers very much, who charge extreme delivery fees and only pay their drivers $2," said Elliot, reminding us yet again that it's corporations who are failing both the workers and the consumers.

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