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Dog makes heartwarming gesture every time grandma in wheelchair visits their home and it's adorable

His gesture is melting everyone's hearts on the internet proving that he's a certified good boy.

Dog makes heartwarming gesture every time grandma in wheelchair visits their home and it's adorable
Image Source: Instagram/Good News Movement

Dogs are the absolutely humble and most friendly animals on this planet. Having a dog as a pet is an extremely rewarding and profound experience. They often keep us engaged, and happy and become our best friends in the entire world. A beautiful video totally encapsulates this feeling as a dog makes a beautiful gesture for a woman in a wheelchair. The video was shared by Good News Movement and it is melting everyone's hearts.

The video starts with the text inlay, "This is what my dog does when my grandmother visits," and it shows a little dog running in an absolutely fast manner. He can be seen collecting all the rugs in the house and taking them inside so that the woman's wheelchair can easily pass through. This beautiful video has over 175,000 likes and thousands of comments from users who are moved by this gesture. The dog understood that removing rugs would help the grandmother to access all parts of the house and he does that every time she visits. 

One Instagram user commented, "That’s awesome!! We don’t deserve them!!" Another added, "Good doggo is more aware of accessibility than some hoomans." A third user commented, "All the scratches and treats right now for this one!" Several others complimented them for being a "gentleman" and a "good boy." Many said that we don't deserve dogs as these animals continue to trust humans even after facing a lot of cruelty on their part. Dogs really make this world a better place to live in and they deserve everything in the world. 



In another adorable incident, Denver, an extremely intelligent dog from Guayaquil, Ecuador, has become a local and international celebrity after figuring out how to take public transportation to see his mom at work. Denver's adventures became popular on social media a few weeks ago after a video of him stepping off a bus just outside his mom's pet business was posted. Netizens were perplexed as to how the pup knew which stop to get out at and whether the bus driver was in on the ride.


Gladys Shigla, Denver's owner, said in the now-viral video that this is not the first time her dog has ridden the bus to visit her. Shigla shared that Denver's experiences started about a month ago when he followed a neighbor into a bus and sat near her. The woman, who was on her way to work, made certain he got off at the stop next to Shigla's business so he wouldn't get lost. Even after Denver's initial bus excursion to their business, no one expected the smart canine to do it again, let alone make it a habit. 

Shigla adopted Denver the previous year. Since joining her family, the canine has proven to be a brave and adventurous personality who originally enjoyed exploring the neighborhood around their home. Everyone absolutely loved Denver's bus rides to meet his mom and it again displays how these animals are the best friends any human can have. 

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