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Dog with cancer takes a final walk as the whole neighborhood gathered to bid him goodbye

The dog's owner organized the walk to give the community an opportunity to say their final goodbyes.

Dog with cancer takes a final walk as the whole neighborhood gathered to bid him goodbye
Cover Image Source: Facebook | KJ Warunek

The love of pet dogs holds a special place in our lives, bringing immense joy and companionship. These loyal and affectionate creatures offer unwavering support, comfort, and unconditional love. Their presence can brighten even the darkest of days, providing a sense of purpose, emotional well-being and a constant source of happiness. Due to these reasons, losing a pet dog is one of the biggest heartbreaks anyone could experience as is the case of this lovely dog's Mellow's family.

He took his final walk around his Pennsylvania neighborhood, and everyone came out to greet this boxer-pit bull mix. Kevin Curry, whose dog was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, organized the final walk.


He had been "slowing down" due to his terminal cancer, making it difficult for him to walk. Curry wrote and delivered a letter to neighbors' mailboxes, stating that Mellow would die in June, which he later posted on Facebook.

"I will be marching around the neighborhood on Saturday, June 3, from 7-8 PM and would love to say goodbye to you face-to-face if you are available," Curry wrote on Mellow's behalf. "Come out to pat me on the head or rub my belly and I will be forever grateful (I love people after all)." The neighbors, according to the letter, made Mellow's life "so much richer than any rescue dog could have hoped for." Along with the letter, there was a map of the route he was going to cover.


Since September 2019, Curry had taken his dog on a walk twice a day in "rain, snow, or shine" and he and Mellow became well-known in the Dupont neighborhood. When it came time for Mellow's final walk, Curry wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to say their final goodbyes, reports Miami Herald. This dog is not just one man's best friend but an entire neighborhood's.


According to The Citizens' Voice, the owner planned a "small celebration" for Mellow, a boxer-pit bull mix. The final walk, on the other hand, was anything but small. Some kids made signs along the path, while others brought their own dogs to say their final goodbyes to Mellow. Mellow's most recent walk was highlighted by the popular We Rate Dogs Twitter account, which received millions of views. Many people found the story touching and some shared their own final memories with their dogs.



Images posted on Facebook by KJ Warunek, a local, show many neighbors greeting the dog, who was smiling wide on his last walk. "There were groups of people at every corner of his route, waiting on him," Warunek shared. "His dad didn’t want to make it a huge thing, but we kind of did. But it was very respectful and people didn’t bombard him as to not overwhelm this sweet pup. So people stood back and just watched and (wept). It was a pleasure meeting this brave boy." 

Image Source: Facebook | KJ Warunek
Image Source: Facebook | KJ Warunek


"It is a heartwarming and heartbreaking story. There were at least 25 people [on the first block]. When I looked to the next block, there was another 20. I'm going to say that was how the whole walk went," Warunek added while talking to the New York Post. "Mellow knew he was the belle of the ball — he pranced around. He even got free ice cream at Choo Choo's, our local shop. Mellow only has a few more days on Earth, but his dad gave him the best life when he adopted him," she said. "And you can clearly see he was man's best friend."

Curry expressed that he would miss his daily walks with Mellow, whom he called "the perfect dog." He added, "He hasn't given me one bad day in my seven years."



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