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Adorable dog wins hearts after shelter jokingly begs people to 'adopt this hot mess'

The internet is going crazy about this cute canine after the sarcastic shelter wrote: 'Someone adopt this hot mess! We promise you won't regret it!'

Adorable dog wins hearts after shelter jokingly begs people to 'adopt this hot mess'
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Burke County Animal Services

After a North Carolina animal shelter made a funny appeal for his adoption, a 110-pound Mastiff might soon find his forever home. Burke County Animal Services posted a photo of Billy Bob in his full splendor hanging out of a van on Facebook on Wednesday. Billy Bob weighs 110 pounds, the group stated in the caption, adding that his "tongue hangs out way too much..."

The caption added that the doggo is a "terrible car rider, entirely too food motivated and will accidentally mistake your arm for a cheeseburger." The adorable dog even "smells a little, and loves every person he has ever met." The internet is now going wild about this cute dog after the sarcastic animal services added: "Someone adopt this hot mess! We promise you won't regret it!"


In an interview with PEOPLE, Director of Burke County Animal Services, Kaitlyn Settlemyre revealed: "Following the large publicity our Billy Bob has received, he did leave on a pre-adopt today. The family wanted to be sure they could handle all of his teenage antics." Settlemeyer even added that she's making more and more discoveries about the dog since posting the caption. "Discoveries made in the additional two days he spent with us is that his feelings are easily hurt by cats hissing at him, when he gets the 'zoomies' it shakes the building and is a tad terrifying, and when he drinks water it floods the floor," she said. "We are hoping for the best for this giant boy!"

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Billy Bob is "a little on the skinny side," according to Settlemyre, who spoke to the Charlotte Observer. According to the site, mastiffs can grow up to 230 pounds in weight. Nevertheless, one shouldn't underestimate his frame. A family who might adopt the Mastiff is advised by Settlemyre to "hide your fine china."

"In his time with us, we have discovered he is a giant baby who is not aware of his large size," she said, adding, "He loves food and will gently grasp onto anything that smells like food, including tables, elbows, and even chairs."

The shelter authorities shared that the dog was found by them on a farm roughly a week ago. "This was last week when there was so much rain coming in, so we went out and picked him up so he would have somewhere safe and dry to stay," Settlemyre explained.

"We think he would love kids, but with his large size and food motivation, he may need to be placed with older kids," she continued.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

People on Facebook have been going gaga over the cute dog and sending adoption requests. Facebook user Deven ODay Warmack commented: "Look at this baby! I wish I could come get him! We have 2 Cane Corsos, Italian Mastiffs, and they are the BEST dogs. Mastiffs in general are such sweethearts. They are not aware that they're NOT a lap dog and don't understand personal space but it'll be the best decision you ever make if you welcome him into your home! I don't know what I'd do without my velcro dogs."

Another user Tricia Sanders Williams wrote: "I just had to put down my English mastiff. I miss him so much, I really wanted to adopt another mastiff. Where are you located?"

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