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Dog wandering in the Arizona desert for 9 months gets rescued thanks to community aid

Residents worked to rescue a dog roaming around the Arizona desert for nine months and provide him with the care he needed.

Dog wandering in the Arizona desert for 9 months gets rescued thanks to community aid
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Rishi, KGUN9 | Desirae Trubee

As much as we love dogs, there are so many of them that we cannot afford to adopt and care for them. As a result, many dogs end up wandering the street, surviving on the kindness of strangers. However, not all dogs continue with this fate, as some of them get rescued by people who want to make a difference. Ghost, a cute white dog, had been wandering Tucson's Eastside district since May 2023, reports KGUN9. He managed to survive on the little bits of food and water that residents of the area left for him.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Helena Lopes

However, his survival came into question when people began to notice that Ghost was being attacked by coyotes. Something had to be done, and a local resident bravely stepped up, managing to coax Ghost into entering her car. She then called up Desirae Trubee, who happens to be the co-founder of the Lost and Stray Response Squad, to help Ghost find his forever home. Trubee remembered seeing Ghost in the car and said, "It was so beautiful to see his smiling face sitting in her car. He just surrendered. He knew he was safe, and I think he was very happy about it." She conveyed that Ghost "united people that never would have met otherwise."


Ghost is in safe hands now. He is mostly healthy, apart from a few dental issues. At the moment, he is being fostered by Trubee and a neighbor who had initially provided Ghost with the food that he needed. The adorable dog also tends to jump over fences, so they created a shelter that would not allow him to escape by doing that, as revealed by a post on Facebook. Ghost will hopefully find his forever home soon, thanks to the kindness of these strangers.


There is something about a dog's will to survive that is truly commendable. A year back, an Australian sailor and his dog Beglla were rescued after being lost at sea for months. Tim Shaddock, a 51-year-old, and his dog, Bella, had set off on a 3000-mile sailing trip that started from Le Paz, Mexico, to French Polynesia in April. Disaster struck when their catamaran encountered a violent storm a few weeks into their journey, which completely damaged all of the electronic devices on the boat. Shaddock was unable to navigate or call for help without the equipment and the duo relied on his fishing gear to survive.

They ended up having to eat raw fish and drink rainwater to sustain themselves. The rescue turned out to be a wholesome one for Bella, who would go on to get adopted by a crew member of the Maria Delia, which was the ship that rescued them. Shaddock spoke about Bella to The New York Post, saying, "She's amazing; that dog is something else; I'm a bit biased, but yeah." He shared how he had met her while he was in Mexico and how she kept following him. Shaddock made efforts to find her a home before he embarked on his journey, but Bella stuck with him throughout the journey, even when they encountered such a disaster.

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